Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 949: Los Angeles Equestrian Center - Circle K Horse Rentals - Burbank

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Day #949 * Hike #1210* New Track #939
Los Angeles Equestrian Center - Burbank, CA
Circle K Horse RentalsSaturday June 22, 2013
My Tripometer:  2 Hours * 4.75 Miles * +775  Feet


Address: 480 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91506 
Phone:(818) 840-9063

 With dust in our face, let the hike begin...

So I know what you are thinking, we are on horseback, right?  Wrong...  Jess took Alyssa here a couple of weeks earlier for her birthday and yes they went on horseback.  This morning Jess and I were in Burbank for a meeting and without a point or direction of where we were headed next, we ended up eating at the Mexican Restaurant outside the main gate.  It was a hot day, I had a 32 ounce Margarita and the last thing I wanted to do was hike.  So what did we do, we hiked in the heat with one bottle of water each...

 Cool off by the LA River

Follow the horse trail to the river, pass Circle K Horse Rentals and then make your way to this bridge...

 Crossing the horse bridge

 tunnel under the 134 Freeway

 Out past Griffith Park

 My wife is beating me up the hill...

 Optional side trails

 Griffith Park Drive / Mt. Hollywood Drive

The downside to this hike is that you are always within distance of the streets.  Not that they are very busy but for me, ugh.  For my wife, ahh, safety I guess...  We ended up looping back at this point but for now, we continued up and up...



 Bee Waterfall

 Look close at their faces - Freaky!

 Nevins Barberry - Travel Town Tank below

From this point we ventured down the hill to the right, out of the picture, and rejoined a road which coasted down past the water tank.  This eventually lead back to the loop from earlier and then all the way back to the car.  Jess and I ran together for a minute but then she kept going while I pulled up out of stride.  She has been taking boot classes three days a week and I have been the Lazy Hiker ever since Baldy.  Oh boy, I am in bad shape ...

And this is how they do it...

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