Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 949: Greystone Park - Beverly Hills - Tom Cruise's House

I got Ups!
Give me a basketball - White Man Can Jump!!!
(This was after a can of Four Loco)

Day #949 * Hike #1213* New Track #942
Greystone Park - Beverly Hills, CA
Tom Cruise's House
Saturday June 22, 2013
My Tripometer:  .75 Hours * 1 Mile * +25 Feet

We drove into Hollywood after our visit to Griffith Observatory.  We nearly spent $50 to ride the Star Tours bus - by the way you can negotiate the price for tickets...  Instead, we took the brochure, used my wife's Smart Phone, and began driving to the locations.  First stop, Greystone Park!

The park actually closed at 7:00 but we drove through.  The upper parking area was packed.  There was a wedding party happening inside the mansion so we walked around the perimeter...

Oh, oops.  No photography...  They were on to us, really.  A security guard escorted us to our car.  He didn't ask for our camera, maybe because he couldn't see it...

Tom Cruise's House
When we took a boat ride in Clearwater, Florida, we saw one of his other houses.  I walked up to this gate and some guy on the intercom asked if he could help me.  I replied, "No hablo ingles"...
We continued our tour into the night but the photos did not come out swell.  No more hiking beyond Greystone so this is where the blogpost ends.  Until the next hike that is...

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