Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Campbell Hill - Highest Point in Ohio

Campbell Hill - Elevation 1549 Feet - Highest Point in Ohio

O - H - I - O

 Welcome to Ohio

An hour and 45 minute drive from the highest point in Indiana, Hoosier Hill you can gain nearly 300 feet of elevation to Peak Ohio!

Hiking Details from the parking spot:
Distance: Perhaps a First Down, if there's no holding penalty
Elevation: Less than height of my Golden Retriever on all fours!

Directions for this place is a bit confusing.  The summit is located on the gentle hill at Ohio Hi-Point Career Center.  Your GPS will not find this place right for you.  Just keep in mind that if you are heading east from the town of Bellefontaine, you want to stay on Sandusky Ave, just past the 33 Freeway and look for the school on the right.  The gate was open for us, we drove towards the back and the point was obvious.

Another Peak Accomplished!

Ohio's Tallest Mountain, lol :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

My sister knew we were coming in, but to everyone else, a total surprise.  My parents still live up in Cleveland and it was a bit of tease to be within two-hours of home without quite getting there, but my three+ days in Columbus were great.  BTW, Cambell Hill is less than an hour west of Powell, which is just outside Columbus.

The Family!

My Brother-n-Law's Man Cave!

I have plans, dreams, ideas, of taking an RV trip cross country this summer.  Hope to actually make it happen, hit a few peaks, a few Clevelands, including my Cleveland, in Ohio!

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