Thursday, December 21, 2017

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

My Story
It's been seven years since I returned home to Cleveland - Ohio.  A month prior I began my 1000 Day Hiking Adventure and was excited to feature the Cleveland Metroparks.  New to blogging, I didn't realize that uploading pictures was limited.  The link below highlights my day to day experiences, absent of photo proof:

My computer crashed several years ago so any saved photos I had are surely gone.  At the time I lost my photo rights on blogspot, I signed up with Facebook and uploaded my hiking pictures to there.  Over the years, especially after my 1000 Hikes, I've turned more to Facebook and Instagram instead of sharing on this blog.  I'm only recently posting again.  I guess those photos are somewhere seven years back in FB land.  I never created FB albums, but I did just Google myself and Cleveland and, voila, found a video that I made: 

Video: DC & CLEVELAND (DAYS 30 - 37)

Cleveland Trivia
My Hometown was founded in 1796 by General Moses Cleaveland.  Notice the spelling of his name!  There is an "A" after the first "E".  The city was originally spelled this way and at some point, they dropped the "A" because the name was too long to print on the Newspaper (something like that - maybe they saved a dime as well by dropping the letter).  I'm writing this from memory and believe there is a statue, or used to be one, of Moses Cleaveland at Public Square.  Guess I'm gonna have to revisit to catch up on my history, either that or surf the net.  -- One other point, President Stephen Grover Cleveland served 1885 - 1889, then again from 1893 - 1897 ( I looked up the dates).  He was the 22nd and 24th president (only president I believe to have served multiple terms that were not continuous.  Cleaveland and Cleveland were not related - but at this point, it's Cleveland and to me, all the cities of Cleveland across this nation are connected.

Cleveland History
One thing that my Ohio Cleveland has over all the other Clevelands is, One NFL Victory over the past two years.  No other Cleveland can say that.  -- Did you know that there was a Cleveland Rams football team?  How about the Cleveland Spiders baseball team, before the tribe.  Perhaps one date I'll come back to this post and really write about it, but I have a lot going on right now.  Tonight will be 17 nights evacuated from my home due to the Thomas Fire.  I have a TV Show coming out in 2 weeks.  I'm unemployed and being sued by my former tenant (I'll win this!).  I started an amazing new business with a buddy, but I still don't put enough time in to it to make it royal (instead I'm blogging).  Finally, I need to conclude this post so that I can create my Cleveland, USA summary post.  Priorities!

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