Friday, December 24, 2010


Miles:  1.5
Elevation Gain:  25 Feet
Time: 1.25 Hours
Difficulty (1-10):  1
Reward (1-10): 8
Description: Christmas Lights!
Where?: Oxnard, CA
Directions: Begin at the corner of 5th and F Streets in Oxnard, California.

***MY 39 DAY SUMMARY:  138.75 Miles  +21,575 Feet***

It's hard to call this a hike, but I could have been like many of the other cars and just drove up and down the streets!  After a long day back at work, I was hardly ready to conquer a mountain.  I figured ahead of time that I was going to do some sort of night walk because I did not contain the energy to compete with the sun today.  My wife suggested, Christmas Tree Lane, and why not!  It's the eve before Christmas Eve and we had not been here yet this year.  We tried just after Thanksgiving but I guess the local residents don't go all out until December.

Due to the nasty rains we had and only 1 day left before Christmas, this place was packed today!  We brought both dogs and if I could have a nickle for every time I head the word "dalmatian", I would be rich.  You get a lot of "awes" with Sammi, the Golden, but Domino stands out, "...yeah, from the movie".  You can't help but walk by and here EVERYONE comment about her.  "Can I pet your dalmatian?"  --Sure, if you want your face bit off :).  Actually, Domino was very good and handled the pressure quite well.  As long as there are no other dogs or especially food around, she was kinda just oblivious to all the people and didn't realize that she was even being petted.  Meanwhile, Sammi on the other hand was jumping and latching on to people's legs.  That was cute and all, until she rolled over in dog stuff, thinking it was cow dung and coated her back with the nasty substance.  A kind home owner handed out some paper towels but the damage was done.  The feces is embedded deep into her long golden hair.

This year was quite typical of every other year we go.  The main attraction is always the guy with the train set in his front yard.  It always draws a crowd and you can't keep Ayden away from this.  I didn't see the family selling hot coco, but a cup of the warm stuff with a bacon ayden hot dog would have hit the spot.

In every town, there is usually a spot to view a series of Christmas Lights.  In Cleveland, it's Neila Park (not sure if I spelled that right).  I went back to that spot last year and found it very unimpressive after viewing Oxnard year after year.  Columbus Ohio lights up their zoo.  I also saw that last year and it was spectacular!  DC lights up their zoo, but it was only open on the weekends and we were there during the week, so we missed it.

I am curious though.  Are there other local neighborhoods in this country that do it up the way Oxnard does?  Please comment and check out my facebook page for photos!

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