Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 278: Camarillo Springs - Bottom of the Grade

Escaping Friday Rush Hour...

Day 278: Friday August 19, 2011
Camarillo Springs - Bottom of the Grade
Distance: 3.25 miles +450 feet
Time: 1.5 Hours 

It was a typical Friday.  I figured on hiking somewhere in Ventura.  My plan was to rush home, care for Domino and then figure out the hike later.  However, drivers today were insane!  Hmm, maybe it was me.  Prolly a good idea to keep it under a hundred in between traffic.  --A car jolted out just before the grade hoping to gain ground in the fast lane.  The flow of traffic was moving between 20 - 50 mph.  Meanwhile, I found a stretch and easily hit 100mph+ until this stupid car made its move!  Immediately, with my right hand I calmly gave the front break some pressure.  At the same time, I stepped down as hard as I could with my right foot to apply the back break.  I leaned hard left and my back end fishtailed.  Within a split second, my position between the #1 (fast lane) and #2 (middle lane) was jolted to the far left berm, just millimeters from the wall.  Instinct lifted up my left foot to embrace the wall but I was able to lean right, release the break and steady myself around the invading car...

Close call???  Wow... I've ridden over 20,000 miles in just over 2 years and this is the closest that I have come to wiping out!  My heart skipped few beats and then I took it easy going down the Conejo Grade.  Of course, I still rode in between traffic because that's all I know.  In fact, I typically feel safe as long as my speed is within 10 mph of the flow.  Yeah, once in a while I get carried away.

From the bottom of the 101 Grade in Camarillo, exit at Camarillo Springs and it will be impossible to miss today's trailhead:


**Ok, so rather than racing home, I pulled to the side and decided to make it a hike.  Let's be honest; if you travel the 101 daily like I do, you're curious as to what is on the top of that hill.  Well, today was the day...

 I had soo much adrenaline pumping that I ran up nearly the entire hill!
 From the top

Looking toward Santa Rosa...

When I was done with the climb, I ventured down the flat road beneath the large hill.  Essentially, I jogged around this entire field.  Today was a good workout and by the time I was done -- well, I still remembered the incident.  Even so, I rode like normal home, fast, in between cars, and I didn't allow it to bother me...

Day 276: Wednesday August 17, 2011
Acorn Acres Park
Distance: 2.25 miles +50 Feet
Time: 1 Hour 
**Basically, this is just outside of Thousand Oaks High School.  I knew of this place because I once played softball here.  Only about 5 minutes from my work, I stopped by here on my way home to jog around the baseball fields and what not.  --I spent more time at home after work taking care of my dog.  Trekking with her to the top of my hill has been more of a commitment than my actual hiking.  Somehow, I am managing to do both...

Day 277: Wednesday August 17, 2011
Kingsmen Park
Distance: 2.50 miles +25 Feet
Time: 1 Hour 
Traveling down Moorepark Rd in Thousand Oaks, I turned left on Arboles and then right on Mountclef.  A few streets up I turned left on Memorial Parkway and found a real cool place for an afternoon stroll.  I parked my bike and took advantage of the greenery and shade on this warm day.  Honestly, this is a nice place to visit.  Cement paths are surrounded by North Carolina colored grass and solid trees which make for a special stroll, jog through it all...


  1. Hey, thanks for this post. Just moving to the area so nice to know of great places like this.

  2. If you are new to the area you should scroll through my blog and you will find much better trails. The ones listed on this post were basically just done to fill my days in new spots, thus less desirable than many other places. Happy searching and hiking :)




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