Thursday, August 11, 2011

Through Day 270: Rock Ridge Open Space and suffering from Poison Sumac!

Oak Canyon Community Park

Day 270: Thursday August 11, 2011
Rock Ridge Open Space
Distance: 3 miles +400 feet
Time: 1 hour 

From the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills, exit on Kanan and head north for about three miles.  Turn right on Hollytree Drive and just after the park on the left you will see the trailhead in the picture above.

I knew of this location from my hiking experience on Day 196: Oak Canyon Community Park
Today I jogged up the easy, nicely groomed trail above the park:

Another way to hike to China Flat / Simi Peak?

Shortly after this point, the trail offers you several fork opportunities.  Since I was just out here a day earlier, my plan was to turn left and loop back through the park.  I had been to the park on two prior occasions but never down along this side.  I was astonished when I discovered the waterpark playground, as pictured on the top of this post!  Amazing!  How did I miss this part last time???  Truly, this park is great.  A duck pond filled with fish and turtles; Ducks, swans and geese...  It's usually really hot out here so I'm sure in the heat of the summer, this small section of the park is packed.

Oak Park is an amazing upper class community.  There are endless trails that most people were probably unaware of.  I'm really happy that I found this place...  

Day 269: Wednesday August 10, 2011
Oak Park Open Space Trail
Distance: 3 miles +700 feet
Time: 1 hour 
Trailhead (There is gate disguised along the fence)

From the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills, exit on Lindero Canyon and head north for about four miles.  Turn left on Wembly and park at the cul-de-sac.

I discovered this gate when I hiked Day 235: Simi Peak/China Flat (Parked on the other end of Wembly).  Google Maps gives you a good idea/layout of the area.  Of course, it's kind of hard to figure elevation this way but after hiking it, I will tell you that the trail is steep.  From the gate, turn right and a moment later, look left:
  (Look for the fence; good trail leads up)

This area connects with what I would be hiking tomorrow (Day 270).  Parking on Hollytree or the park would be more ideal.  --Regardless, here I am and this is what you see:

 I hiked for a while but I did not go all the way back.  It's been a rough week.  I'll explain at the end of this blogpost...

Day 267: Monday August 08, 2011
Eagle View Park
Distance: 1.5 miles +50 feet
Time: 30 minutes 
 Trailhead off Lindero

**Using the exact same driving instructions written above, park on the corner of Wembly and Lindero.  When I hiked on Day 1 (China Flat), I noticed a trail beginning on the other side of Lindero.  I always figured that I would hike it one day.  Well, today was that day.

(Bromely & Napoleon)

Hmm, small world.  When I hiked Oak Canyon Park with my wife and kids, we ended on the other side of the street from here.  Small world...  This nifty little park is less than a quarter mile in length between the neighborhoods.  The trail is shaded and cool for running.  Then you run around to the other side and there is a grassy field and a basketball court.  Neat place.  It was because of today that I decided that I would connect all the dots on Wednesday and Thursday...

Day 268: Tuesday August 9, 2011
Distance: 4 miles +500 feet
Time: 1.5 hours 

**I left work early in tears today thinking that this was it.  My wife called and said Domino was not doing good.  I took her to the vet but I opted not to run tests.  Instead, we are trying a medicine for arthritis.  I know her situation is much worse than that, but she still eats, barks, wags her tail and what not.  Problem is, her back legs are basically useless.  **I'm not going to write up the entire story of Domino at this time, but after Aydens's soccer practice, I took the long jog home... 

**Days 265 & 266 were spent in Santa Clarita.  My son had a diving tournament and I did several short local hikes over the 2 day period.  Estimated mileage was 6.5 miles +500 feet.

--IF you read my blog post from last Friday, you will recall I pushed through brush without a shirt on.  Well, all week has been miserable.  I have a severe reaction from poison sumac.  Yeah, it's bad, and I am only treating it with my finger nails.  Dude, I do everything wrong.  No medicine.  Back in the day, I would say that I was just tough but honestly, it's just dumb.  Anyhow; until next time...

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