Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 289: Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space & The Lazy Hiker Gone Mad...


Day 289: Tuesday August 30, 2011
Lazy Hiker Gone Mad
Distance: 5.75 miles +550 feet
Part 2: Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space
Where: Calabasas, California

From the 101 Freeway in Calabasas, exit on Las Virgenes and head north.  Follow the road all the way to the end and you will see this sign.

 This trail will link up with the Cheeseboro Trails

 I didn't have a map on me so I turned right (away from where I've been)

 Very dry open space; Extreme Fire Danger

 I took another right turn at the next junction
(Initially, this led lower into some needed shade)

Looking back at the shade below...

I didn't go too much further than this.  It wasn't too hot today, just low 90's, which is cool compared to how it's been.  My mission today was to look for the fire that burnt in the area over the weekend.  

Part 1: Gates Canyon Park
Where: Calabasas

I began my search for fire damage here.  I called the fire department and they advised that 4+ acres burned by Alizia Canyon & Las Virgenes.  I scoped out this park, which is off Thousand Oaks Blvd right down the street from Las Virgenes.  The hills piggyback up against Alizia Canyon  but there was no legit way to climb.  After a half mile of searching on foot for a trail, I decided to head back to the car.  ***This park looks really cool for kids---

I drove down Alizia Canyon Road to the end and into the apartment complex, still couldn't find any proof of fire.  So, I decided to hike the aforementioned open space.

Part 3: Lazy Hiker Gone Mad (Marathon Training)
Where:Ventura, California

When I came home from my Calabasas adventure today, the wife told me that we'll be running a half marathon on September 17th!  Ok---  I just weighed myself and I am 221.2 pounds.  I eat too much, I suppose drink too much and although I am hiking, with authority, I cannot shed the weight.  That is, until now.  We have two weeks to train -- We can do this.

Beginning right now, we ran 2.5 miles at Kimball Park (1 full time around and back +25 feet of elevation)

Quarter Mile Splits 
  • 2.25.56
  • 2.24.47
  • 2.16.40
  • 2.10.37  ***1 mile: 9.16.80
  • 2.16.87
  • 2.25.34
  • 2.21.82
  • 2.31.29  ***2 mile: 18.52.12
  • 2.07.62
  • 1.35.81  ***2.5 miles: 22.35.55
Jess was ahead of me by 8 seconds after the first quarter and then 20+ seconds by the halfway point.  As usual, I came back from behind and gave a little extra at the end.  I finished 33 seconds ahead of her.  This is no competition between her and I; we simply just have different running styles.  Ideally, I like to keep a steady pace, gradually increasing as I go and then sprint the end.  The stats above are not a good example of this because of the down hill on the back side and up hill running into the 2nd mile.  Jess always starts off too fast for me.  I could hang but I will pay for it in the end and my overall time would suffer.

My heart felt stiff on today's run--but everything else felt great.  I run often on the trails but unless you are given a good open surface, its hard to keep a good strong pace.  Running like this is the best way to get in shape, IMHO.... It's going to happen! 


  1. Just stop playing with the rattelesnakes and you'll be fine. :D

  2. But he was shaking his rattle at me; he wanted to play :) --- How you liking Kentucky? Glad to see that you've found some trails out there...

  3. Some good points: The ten minute walk from my apartment to my office is the shortest commute of my life. :D The skies are pretty dark, and I've been able to use my telescope a few times since I got here. The trails at Land Between the Lakes (also where I used my telescope) are giving me a place to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors, too. And the people are very great. However, I am finding this work-enforced separation from my wife and home to be much harder than I expected.

  4. I can't imagine that to be easy. For me, it's only possible to hike everyday because I know when I come home I have my wife and family there. If it wasn't for them, I don't think I would be mentally up for the challenge. --Is she going to be moving out to KY, or is this just a temporary work situation for you?




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