Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 286: Toro Ridge Trail (Upper) **New Camera!!!

Carpinteria Salt Marsh

Day 286: Saturday August 27, 2011
Toro Ridge Trail (Upper)
Where: Carpinteria, California
Distance: 3.25 miles +400 feet
Time: 1 Hour 

From the 101 Freeway in Ventura, drive North to Carpenteria and exit at Santa Claus Lane.  Turn right at the exit and then an immediate left on Via Real.  Turn right on Toro Canyon Rd and follow this up for about a mile and a half and lookout for bikers.  Turn right into the Toro Caynon Park area marked by this sign:

About a mile up the road, park on the right an begin your mission:

Upper Toro Ridge Trailhead
I visited this area last week with my son but we decided to bypass the higher trail.  Unlike the lower trail, this route is in much better condition.  It's a bit overgrown yet easily accessible.

 Only 20 minutes to the top

 My new camera is clear and reveals the islands

 Time constraints; trail thick; my turn around point

Back through the woods on my way out

We have soccer games later so I had to turn around.  This was an easy climb but I did sweat like a dog because the temp was near 90 by noon.  The lower trail is mostly shaded but past the bench you are exposed.  It appears the trail continues for a long ways.  I will try to identify by Google another trailhead to complete this adventure on another day...

Day 284: Thursday August 25, 2011
Rustic Caynon Golf Course
Where: Moorpark, California
Distance: 3.5 miles +200 feet
Time: 1 Hour  
I returned to the foot of the trail by the Rustic Caynon Golf Course Sign at Campus Park Drive.  I jogged the easy dirt trail up to the course and then circled the 13th hole where I encountered squirrels, rabbits and dogs; yes dogs...  Easy footing on this day...

Day 285: Friday August 26, 2011
Terra Rejada Park
Where: Moorpark, California
Distance: 2.25 miles +50 feet
Time: 45 minutes 

After a long work week, it was just nice to chill and not do anything too serious.  This park is located on Mountain Trail Road and Terra Rejada.  I noticed it about a week ago when I elected to hike the County Trail Park.  I didn't run today.  I honestly wasn't feeling like my false chipper self today.  Nevertheless, the hour outdoors helped calm like kava ash...

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