Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 299: Liberty Canyon (NorthEast)

Horse Drugs?

**MY 299 DAY SUMMARY:  1,062.50 Miles  +126,700 Feet**
Day 299: Friday September 9, 2011
Liberty Canyon (NorthEast)
Total Distance Today: 3.25 miles  +350 feet
Hiking: Agoura Hills, CA
Notes: Not a worthwhile hike...

**Regarding the horse drugs; it appears that this is a de-wormer, so no big deal.  Not sure why the trash was left out here...

From the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills, exit at Liberty Canyon and turn North.  Park immediately:


I was excited to find a new freeway off ramp with a legit trail to hike right off of it.  However, the best part about this hike was discovering two additional hikes to attempt at a later date.  Being that this is only five minutes by bike (motorcycle) from my job, I will likely save the next adventure when the sun sets early...
 Horse trailer stashed in the brush
(this is where I found the horse drugs)

it looked like a rifle was pointing out of the broken back window

 Fork in the road; I chose right...

 Soon after was another fork.  I chose left which lead lower...

 The Views

 Alternate trailhead; I continued right to loop it

I found a single track trail leading up the hill to the right.  Once up top, I intersected a road, presumably the upper fork from earlier.  I turned left toward the freeway, but that became a deadend.  So, I turned around and followed the road.  Shortly thereafter there was a cut off to the left.  From the looks of it, I could tell that going straight would easily bring me back to the original trail.  Therefore, I decided to turn left...

If you see the school like I did; just go back!  Really!

 Overlooking what would be the left form from the beginning
(looks doable, think I'll try it some time)


Getting to this junk wasn't so bad, but then it became, BAD.  You drop down a five feet and then push through the dry thistles.  For a moment, you think you're on to something but before long, you are pushing through thistles with no evident trail.  You'd think I like this, but I don't.  It sucks, my legs are all scratchy and red, again, and my shoes are covered with those stupid sharp bristles.  They are embedded in my socks, and so on...  Anyhow, I kept pushing downhill.  I thought there would have been a trail leading to the school but, guess not.  Finally, I got to a rusty barb wire fence.  I carefully obstacled it ( i know that's not a word, but who cares)... Ahh, the street, my bike::::

How do you spell relief: M O T O R C Y C L E

After pulling off as much from my body as I could, I hopped on the bike and, skipped the freeway.  I rode down Agoura Road and passed by another trail on the left.  There is a legit trail sign so I will also return for that.  Bottom line, I took care of a day and found two more future days.  Closing in on a thousand...

Day 298: Thursday September 8, 2011
Return to the Roma Armbrust Wetlands
Total Distance Today: 2.25 miles  +25 feet
Hiking: Oxnard, CA
Not quite as hot as the day prior, still a cool ocean breeze was what the Doctor ordered.  Today, I jogged the freshly bushwhacked trail through the wetlands.  The trail was wide and easy to negotiate.  It lead to the Edison Building and to the beach.  I touched the water and came back the very same way because I did not feel like negotiating sand.  For Driving directions here, check back a couple days ago... 

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