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DAY 314: PACIFIC CREST TRAIL (PCT): Bouquet Reservoir

 My first steps ever on the PCT!
DAY 314: Saturday September 14, 2011
PACIFIC CREST TRAIL (PCT): Bouquet Reservoir

Miles: 2.50
Elevation Gain:  500 Feet
Where?: Palmdale, CA
Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty (1-10): 2
Reward (1-10): ***10
Description: Easy trail for all!  However, this area is known to be insanely hot in the summer months and there is no shade to escape. 
Directions: Where do I begin :)...  From the 5 Freeway, take the 14 North to Palmdale.  Exit on West Palmdale Blvd and head West.  This becomes Elizabeth Lake Road, keep driving west.  ~Roughly 10 miles up, turn left on Bouquet Caynon Road (This is just past Godde Hill Road which you will pass on the right).  Several miles down once you enter the Los Angeles National Forest, the PCT trail crosses the road.  There is no sign visible from the roadway, but shortly after a "corral" on the right, if you look to the right, about a quarter mile up you may notice a small trail sign on the right.  There is a turn out on the left, park there.  If you pass this area and reach Spunky Canyon Road, turn around and drive back exactly 2.0 miles.  *A faster way to reach this trailhead from Ventura is to take Bouquet Canyon Road out of Santa Clarita, pass the Bouquet Reservoir and Spunky Caynon Road... 
**MY 324 DAY SUMMARY:   Miles  + Feet**

PCT Trailhead North of Bouqet Canyon Road

Water container for the PCT Warrior

There are a gazillion readings about the PCT trail.  Most novice hikers and all avid hikers are familiar with the 2650 mile foot route from Mexico to Canada.  It's common for people to leave gallons of water for those who hike through it.  Looks like someone has already refillled from this one because the container was empty.

From here, just 464.9 miles to Mexico...

Looking back at the first half mile that I hiked...

Marble tones on the trail for my kids

A silhouette of me

Views of Bouquet Reservoir in the distance

About a mile and half into my hike/jog I turned around and ran back down.  The wife and kids were in the car waiting as I introduced myself to the trail; my destiny and passion.  Earlier that day, we drove up to Quartz Hill, near Palmdale, for Alyssa's soccer game.  The undefeated 4-0 Ventura Mighty Vipers were challenging the 3-0 Quartz Hill Club.  This is a team that they lost to in the Palmdale Tourney and it appears they met their match again by losing 4-1.  A rare defeat for Ventura but hopefully it will be a building experience come playoff time.

Bouquet Reservoir from street level (after the hike) 

Views of the valley from Godde Hill Road (Quartz Hill)

Views of Quartz Hill

Including an additional 1.25 of wandering at J. Walker Middle School in Quartz Hill, my mileage today was 3.75 miles.


DAY 308: Sunday September 18, 2011

Shell Park & Sespe River Overflow
Miles: 2.00
Elevation Gain:  100 Feet
Where?: Fillmore, CA
Just a day after our half marathon run, Jess and I relaxed to Ayden's diving at Kimball Park.  Rather than head home, we took a 20 minute trip down the 126 to Filmore.  At Shell Park off Old Telegraph Road, we explored the Sespe River Overflow.  It is possible to hike this river all the way to the Los Padres where it will take you to the back country.  I've read blogs and articles of the crazies hiking the off route section.  I believe they call the hardest part, "the narrows".  In fact, it would be impassible without having to swim for a portion of the trip and be prepared to climb waterfalls.  --Our legs were not as burnt out as you would think after the hard 13-mile run.  In fact, on the very next day, my son and I hiked the Cozy Dell and my legs felt strong enough to climb another thousand or so feet without issue...

DAY 310: Tuesday September 20, 2011

Miller Park
Miles: 3.50
Elevation Gain:  250 Feet
Where?: Moorpark, CA

Off Miller Parkway in Moorpark is Miller Park.  Cool spot for a full court basket ball game or hang out with the dudes to play stick ball.  For me, walk across the open grass to the open space.  There is a trail leading into a wooded section and then back out toward the 23 freeway.  There was more space back here than I anticipated so I will likely come back to shoot pictures and hike behind the houses.

DAY 311: Wednesday September 21, 2011

Dixie Canyon, Longridge Park & Dodger Stadium
Miles: 3.75
Elevation Gain:  350 Feet
Where?: Sherman Oaks, CA

 Matt Kemp hit a 3-run Home Run!

The new spot today was Longridge Park (not really a park).  I won tickets for a Dodger game, third time this year and Ayden was done to go.  He remembered last time that we went and he knows I hike every day so he wanted to visit Dixie Canyon, the cool spot we hiked last time.  So, with plenty of time to spare, we hiked the first portion of the trail.  The coolest part about it was the street leading up to the trail.

Then, basically one road over is Longridge Ave.  We drove down there in search for another spot to hike.  We turned right on Longridge Terrace and the street ended at a fence with a dirt road behind it.  --Open Space and we hiked for a few moments but we had to cut it short.  The first pitch would be in 45 minutes and depending on traffic, we were about that far away still...

It was nearly a 4 hour game on a school night and the Dodgers lost, again...

Pictures on Day 313: 

***To be continued...

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  1. The easiest way to get here is to turn left onto Bouquet Canyon (off of Palmdale Blvd) and drive EXACTLY 4.3 miles down. Park on the left hand turn off, and the trail is across the street, about 30 feet behind you.




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