Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 318: Liberty Canyon (South)

DAY 318: Wednesday September 28, 2011
Liberty Canyon (South)
Miles: 4.5
Elevation Gain:  1150 Feet
Where?: Agoura Hills, CA
Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty (1-10): 7
Reward (1-10): 3
Description: Steep inclines, not good for young children.  No shade but a nice challenging climb for the locals! 
Directions: From the 101 freeway in Agoura Hills exit on Liberty Canyon and turn South.  Turn right on Agoura and look for the small dirt parking area on the left.
**MY 318 DAY SUMMARY:   Miles  + Feet**

 Legit Trailhead

 Just warming up...

 Looking back at the roller coaster trail

 Alone on the ridge

 Looking back after another gnarly climb!

 Las Virgenes area in the distance

 I wasn't sure where this trail was going to lead me but after awhile it began to make sense.  After a couple of miles I had to stop and turn back but I imagine that if I kept going, the trail would lead out to the corner of Mulholland Hwy and Las Virgenes.  I know there is a trailhead there but I haven't attempted it yet.  I suppose I will have to try that one soon to test my theory.

This was a strenuous climb!  No shade and the scratchy thistles were a bit bothersome at first on the narrow trail but the route became more clear the further I hiked into it.  There were a couple of alternate choices to the right but I kept hiking back and to the left on what I considered the main route.  There are no signs and I am really curious to see where the right trail goes.  Not long ago, I tried making my own trail just a couple miles down the road from here and I ended up torchering myself just to get out of here.  I bet the right path overlooks my mistakes from that day...

Day 319: Thursday September 29, 2011
Liberty Canyon Area
2.5 miles  +50 feet
Across the street from where I was yesterday is another Santa Monica Mountain Recreational Sign.  I figured that I would explore this region today but was met with disappointment.  There is no trail.  I should have figured this because the freeway was just on the otherside.  I poked around in the bruch a bit and then snapped this picture from the street.  I then began to jog along the road up to Cheeseboro and back.  Ok, I walked a bit because I haven't really been in the mood much to run but I am contimplating running another half marathon and 10k soon so I better figure it out!

Day 317: Tuesday September 27, 2011
Lake Lindero
2.5 miles +25 feet

Until now, I'd never been to the Lake Lindero area.  I glanced at Google while I was at work and decided to explore.  Well, not even a park!  Just a residential track hoarding their own lake.  I walked/jogged around with my shirt off to grab some sun.  I looked out over the water thought it would be nice living on a lake.  That said, I prolly wouldnt want someone like me with their shirt off standing on my side lawn. 

Day 315: Sunday September 25, 2011
Arroyo Verde Park
4.75 miles  +550 feet

Soccer/football at the park with the wife, kids and Sammi.  Before the barbeque, I jogged the trails with Sammi and searched for some of my old seal treasures.  Without reading the blogpost clue, I couldnt remember exactly but I did find one on the far hill toward the bridge.  On that day, I hiked back to the right to round back to the main trail.  So, today I hiked to the left.  Sure, I'd been there before too but rather than follow the road up to the radio towers, I cut across and ended up back by the ball fields.  I figured that I footed at least a mile of new terrain on this hill today...


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