Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 534: Malibu Springs Trail

Hiking Up Malibu Springs

Day #534 * Hike #614 * New Track #535
Wednesday May 2, 2012
Malibu Springs Trail - Malibu, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2 Miles * +750 Feet
 The Notso Trailhead

Directions:From the 101 Freeway in Thousand Oaks, exit on Westlake Blvd (the 23 South) and head south.  After a couple of miles, continue up the windy, dizzy road.  Keep following the road by staying straight on Mulholland Highway.  At the stop sign where Decker Canyon Rd and the 23 turn left, make a right on Mulholland Highway.  From the stop sign, the trail head is 4.3 miles down on your left.  This will be very hard to see as shown in the picture above.  An easier way to reach the trailhead is from PCH, turn right up Mulholland but I don't have the exact mileage from that direction... 

 The Map

Warning: This is a very gradual steep climb and the actual elevation to get somewhere is over 1600 feet.  I was excited to go all the way up but realized that I had NO WATER!  It was a warm day, I was riding the bike with the shield open and I was thirsty before I began.

Warning: The trail is overgrown in many places.  I suspect ticks and the drone of many bees made me dizzy.

 There are places where the trail is nice

Between the unshaded inclines, there are several tree covered areas to help escape the sun.  At time the trail thick was knee or more in height but I dealt with it.


 More Views looking back

 Overgrown moving forward

 Over Muholland Highway

I turned around shortly after that point.  Last week I visited this trail from the topside off Decker Road.  I was hoping to make it that far today or even reach the Nicholas Flats where I found that awesome pond a short while ago.  Oh well, I'll be back again.  There is another trailhead off of Decker School Road...

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