Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mount Monadnock - 2850 Days of Hiking in a Row!

Mount Monadnock a/k/a Grand Monadnock, is the most climbed mountain in North America and the 2nd most climbed mountain in the world, behind Mount Fuji.  It's located in New Hampshire and stands at 3,165 feet in elevation.  It's more than 1000 feet taller than any other mountain within 30 miles of it (Boston and the New England area). 

I stumbled upon this Mountain when I was Googling  to see if there was a record for "most consecutive days of hiking".  I researched many who hike the Appalachian Trail or the PCT and in all cases hikers will generally have a slough of zero days, which means they rest.  Okay, I'll give them that because on their strong days they may be hiking up to 30 miles and climbing 10,000 feet.  I couldn't do that back to back to back, etc...  That said, has anyone ever hiked consecutive days like I have and am currently?

Larry Davis, check out the You Tube Video:

Larry Davis You Tube Video

Larry has climbed Mt. Monadnock over 6000 times.  There was a span in the 90's where he climbed the peak 2850 Days in a Row; that's nearly 8 Years!  --Do I dare tell my wife that I'm going to need to up my anti :)?!

The hike itself is not much different than climbing some of the peaks in the Santa Monica Range.  That said, there is the winter factor in New Hampshire and Larry has climbed through deep snow and frigid temperatures.

Another fun fact about Mt. Monadnock, a guy named Garry Harrington hiked to the summit sixteen times in a twenty-four hour period.  Hmm, I wonder if my buddy Nick Sanders could do that?

Back to Calihike:

Day #532 * Hike #612 * New Track #533
Monday April 30, 2012
Malibu Springs Ridgeline Trail - Malibu, CA
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 2.75 Miles * +350 Feet
Follow the link from my hike just a few days earlier...
Essentially, I set off today after work.  I didn't have my camera or map handy but I knew where I was going, right?  Right!  The last two times to this trailhead I was sort of wandering about but today I pretty much did what I intended to do, but didn't complete it because it was taking longer than I thought.
Trail conditions were great but my ankle was sore so I didn't jog.  Without jogging the trails, a half hour seems like two hours and you barely gain any distance.  --I followed the trail from Nicholas Flats and rather than taking the left fork in a figure 8 like I did last time, I remained right to follow the Meadows Trail.  Finally, and I mean finally, I reached the Malibu Springs Trailhead.  Looking back at the map, the distance to here is 0.8 miles and just a little bit over 100 feet of elevation.
Walking up through the thick forest, the trail climbed for a bit and the branches were hanging low.  This didn't appear to be a heavily traveled trail but it was easily manageable.  About a half mile into it, I looked down at my phone and realized that it was later than I anticipated!  Darn!!!  So, uturn, all the way back and a fair estimation for the day was 2.75 miles which includes a full mile on a new trail.
There are multiple other opportunities to still hike this trail.  Stay tuned...
Day #533 * Hike #613 * New Track #534
Tuesday May 1, 2012
Wendy Trail - Newbury Park, CA
Rancho Sierra Vista Satwiwa
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +275 Feet
From the 101 Freeway, exit on Wendy Road and follow that all the way to the end.  Park in the dirt parking spaces across Potrero Road.  Most of your hiking adventures will hike forward toward Boney Mountain.  However, today I hiked left on the final section of the Wendy Trail.  This short half mile hike ends at the beginning of the Los Robles Trail.  I never hiked this section of the Wendy before but I have hiked the Los Robles.  I continued up for only a quarter mile before I decided to turn back.  I kept it real easy today to help allow the ankle to heal.  It probably would have been better to not hike at all, but that wouldn't be me...

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