Friday, May 25, 2012

Days 548 - 550: Rainbow Bridge "In Memory of Domino"

There's a Seal Treasure hidden back here...

Day #548 * Hike #628 * New Track #543
Wednesday May 16, 2012
Bushwhacking at Arroyo Verde - Ventura, CA
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 2.5 Miles * +350 Feet

Sammi and Ziggy above Arroyo Verde

Today was set to be a duplicate run but I altered from the course in search of adventure.  I brought the camera this time to photograph the change from last month.  The wild flowers still have a bit to grow but as I mentioned last week, Arroyo Verde is blooming again...

The top picture represents the area where we veered off trail.  About a year ago I hid a SEAL Treasure back there but I did not have the instructions to try to find it and with all the overgrown vegetation, I was not likely going to find it.  That said, what was I doing back in here off the trail?

I noticed that some of the stick plants were pushed over so I guided my dogs back here.  This was a mistake of course because little Ziggy could barely make it.  Sammi probably got more ticks and I got all scratched up.  We pushed and pushed for a while and I finally decided that this trail was not happening today.  It would probably make more sense to pave a new route in mid winter when the sticks are not so vibrant with strength and life.  Better yet, just stick to the main trails...

Sammi's like, "Can we go home now!?"

Day #549 * Hike #629 * New Track #544
Thursday May 17, 2012
Rainbow Bridge - Ventura, CA
Blanche Reynolds School
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 1 Mile * +25 Feet

Today was a sad day for me.  Chris, an attorney on the east coast advised me that his 20-year-old cat was just euthanized.  I couldn't help but think about Domino :(.  It has been nearly five full months since Domi was laid to rest - New Years Day 2012.  At least now I smile when I see the moon and I always say hi to her every morning before I leave to work and she is the first one I see when I return home.  It was the best decision to keep her so close to us and I will always be reminded how great and loyal she was to me.  She always trusted me, no matter what - even on her last breath....  --This is so hard to write...

***Chris shared with me the poem above.  It's called Rainbow Bridge.  I immediately thought of my son's former school Blanche Reynolds.  The playground area is called Rainbow Bridge.  Although I had a Malibu hike planned for this day, I had no choice but to visit the school, alone, just to reflect.  I didn't take any pictures and I barely moped around the playground and school fields for a mile, but I did.

I was once at Blanche Reynolds Park during my 1000 Day run.  This was a visit on Halloween last year - we brought Sammi this time and left Domino at home because her legs were already real bad at that point.  Anyhow, at night we walked through the park but we never entered the school property where Rainbow Bridge is.  ---The record of hiking continues.  I love you Domino...

Friday Day 550 was a duplicate 3.5 mile run at Arroyo Verde with Sammi only.  Just another day and then a date night movie at night...

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