Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 544: Venice Canals - Venice Beach - Muscle Beach

Day #544 * Hike #624 * New Track #539
Saturday May 12, 2012
Venice Canals - Venice, CA
My Tripometer: Half Day * 5.5 Miles * +25 Feet

We followed the PCH through Malibu and kept driving past Santa Monica.  We remained on a road that parallelled the ocean and past the main area known as Venice Beach.  Part of the problem was the parking.  So, eventually down around 27th street if I recall, we turned down some side streets and found some free parking in the neighborhood.  Nice!  Then, reaching the main street, we saw this sign.  Cool!  Let's hike it!!


 Crossing the bridge

The canals seemed to have gone on for miles behind the houses in both directions.  It appears that the locals use paddle boats and kayaks to navigate around.  Strangely, we found a large crab under a bridge.  We crossed over the streets and made our way to the ocean.  I saw a sign that said North Venice Beach, which seemed awkward to me because we were south of the main area where you'll find the street performers.  I believe I hiked the main Venice Beach a year or so ago so the Canals and this area were brand new...

 Reaching the promenade, we turned south...

 The end of the Venice Promenade

Okay, I get it now.  This is Venice Beach!  Where Muscle Beach and all the action is, that's considered North Venice Beach.  It all makes sense now.  Rather than trekking through the sand, we turned around to see what was going on at the main stage.  I presume I'll be back to hike more of the canals and this portion of the beach in the future...

 World's Smallest Front Yard - Pretty Much

 Yep, we're in Venice

 Muscle Beach

 Ayden Racing up the Rope!

 Strong Man in Gold!

 Hey, I think I saw this guy on America's Got Talent!
I should Nominate him for the Silver Honors...

 Ayden the gymnast

He's getting pretty good at the rings!
We spent a good half day in Venice.  There were concerts, street performances, crappy food, bums, drugs, nasty bathrooms, nasty food -- This is a must California Adventure...

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