Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 554: Sycamore Cove

The Rocks at Sycamore Cove

Day #554 * Hike #635 * New Track #548
Tuesday May 22, 2012
Sycamore Cove - Malibu, CA
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.25 Miles * +50 Feet

Free Street Parking?

Today my goal was to hike further back into Sycamore Canyon.  Just last week I hiked above the Great Sand Dune but when I pulled into the campground to park, the ranger asked for $12.00.  Twelve Dollars on a Tuesday afternoon, Are You Kidding Me?!  For just one hour, can't you just let me in for free?  --- NO!

Big bummer so I searched for free street parking along the PCH toward the North and there is no parking allowed until you get to the Great Sand Dune; that's a half mile away - No Thanks.  I rolled up to La Jolla and said, hmm, lets hike the Back Bone Trail from the start.  This is one I've been wanting to do but as I pulled in, the lot became all gravel and I'm on a bike.  Not to mention there is a pay station and I wasn't carrying cash.  So, I turned back up to Sycamore.  On the right of the campground is a parking lot for Sycamore Cove but that of course was $$$ too!!  Comeon, this is a Free Blog!

Finally, I found a spot on the street.  There were signs stating you couldn't park, but I think there is a short strip where you can.  Other cars were so I did.  If this is true, forget about it on the weekend because I'm certain it will be full.  Rather than hike back into Sycamore Canyon, I chose the Cove...

 Views of the beach from my bike

 Approaching the dead end...

 Heck, I can climb this...

 Deep inside the cove

 Looking up the walls, no escape if a big wave comes!

 Opening up top - what does this look like... :)

 Climbing higher, looking out over it all

 The continuation to the other side...

There was some homeless guy out there so I didn't want to bother his reflection.  Maybe he thought I was homeless?  There is an opening at the bottom that I could have easily slithered through but I chose to hike back the other way instead...

 Tunnel at the other end of the beach

 Looking back from inside the tunnel

 The notso trail leading up above the Sand Dunes

The other day when I hiked the View Trail, I nearly made the decision to descend back to Sycamore Campground.  Good thing I didn't because this trail is not meant to be hiked.  I finally bought a new pair of shoes but even with the best traction, no thank you...

Looped back to the Entrance of Sycamore Cove

I walked by the parking lady at the campground.  I nodded my head and that was the end of my short adventure today...

***Monday Day 553 was a duplicate run in Arroyo Verde with Sami...

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