Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 876: Fossil Trail - Old Boney Trail - Backbone Trail - Blue Canyon Trail - Sycamore Canyon Fire Road

Fossils at over 1000 Foot Elevation along the Fossil Trail

Day #876 * Hike #1099 * New Track #861
Fossil Trail - Old Boney Trail - Newbury Park, CA
Blue Canyon Trail - Backbone Trail - Sycamore Canyon Fire Road
Wednesday April 9, 2013

My Tripometer: 2.25  Hours * 8.75 Miles * +1700 Feet

Map Overview, Start in Upper left near Satwiwa Culture Center
Follow the driving instructions from Day 563: Hidden Pond Trail.  Then, follow the trailhead from the parking lot, Elevation 800 Feet.  At 0.3 miles you will reach a paved bike path, Sycamore Canyon Fire Road.  Just as in Day 563, follow this trail into Point Mugu State Park.  Another 0.3 miles further, you reach an elevation of 872 feet and then you continue following the road lower for 0.8 miles to 460 Feet of Elevation.  At this point, I jogged the entire route.  Cross the bridge and then turn left toward the Fossil Trail.  This is where you will leave Day 563 behind and begin your new adventure...
Today's Loop

 Turn Left here for 0.1 miles

 Just 1 tenth of a mile up, turn right on the Old Boney Trail
(aka Fossil Trail)

 Begin in shade

Climb into the sun
(Dry Waterfall in the canyon)

 Heading towards Boney Mountain

This trail continues upward for 0.9 miles
(I could not jog this portion)

 Look for the Fossils at about 3/4's of a mile up

 They rest on the rocks beneath your feet...

 Almost to the next junction

 Junction 1260 Feet - Turn Right on the Old Boney Trail toward Blue Canyon

 Closing in on Mt. Boney - but you will never actually reach it

The Summit along the Old Boney Trail - Over 1400 Feet
Amazing views of Boney off to the left for the first portion of this trail.  You will continue "jogging" down this trail for 2.1 miles...
 Heading lower...

 Newbury Park off to the right...

 Looking back at boney - See ya...

 Nearing the end of the trail...

 Trail Junction 515 Feet Elevation

Finally, made it to the Backbone Trail!!!  I haven't done this segment yet.  The trail is aka Blue Canyon Trail.  Turn right and keep going lower towards Danielson for 0.8 miles...

 The Backbone Trail...

 Reaching the dry creek bed

 Nearly to Danielson Camp

 Looking back, made it to the junction 290 Feet

There are no signs down here.  Today, just turn right and follow the dirt road past the camps...

 One of the camps off to the left

This leads you back to the paved road.  No signs.  Turn right and begin your long tortures climb back to Newbury Park...

 Only 3 more miles!!!

I began with only 20 ounces of water.  I did not really begin sipping on the water until I hit the top of the Fossil Trail.  From there, I began going through the water and by the time I hit this sign, I only had 5 ounces left.  I was rationing it out the best I could, but from all the running, I was quite dehydrated.  I knew this was going to be a problem heading into today's journey, but with the temperatures in the comfort zone, I wheeled my chances. 

With the hard impacting pavement and the wrong socks underneath my feet, this section was surely a drag.  Finally, back to the bridge and then the final 0.8 miles up to the top - Torment!

Ah, Made it.  Back to the open fields, just 1.4 miles back to the car
I took my last sip of water at the car and had nothing there to refill.  Not a good decision.  I completed this nearly 9 mile journey in just over 2 hours.  I pushed hard and paid the price.  I drove down Potrero Hill and finally reached the gas station at Las Posas where I guzzled 2 bottles of Gatorade.  It would be Powerade, if they sponsored me <~Hint, Wink...

Days 877 & 878: Duplicates at Arroyo Verde
Day 879 * Hike 1102: Duplicate at Kimball Park - However, later on this day I bring a brand new trail to close in on 1000.  Check Back...

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