Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 884: Willow Creek Trail - Leo Carrillo State Park - Nicholas Flat Trail - Camp 13 Trail

From the Ocean Vista at the top of Willow Creek Trail

Day #884 * Hike #1109 * New Track #866
Willow Creek Trail - Leo Carrillo State Park - Malibu, CA

Nicholas Flat Trail - Camp 13 Trail
Thursday April 18, 2013
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.5 Miles * +650 Feet

 Leo Carrillo Beach
 Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever been to Leo Carrillo

Off the PCH near the Ventura County Border, the parking area for Leo Carrillo is on the North Side of the street.  However, the parking here is like $8.00!  I believe there is a tunnel which takes you under the PCH back out to the beach.  However, I was able to find a parking spot on the beach side of the PCH.  There aren't too many spaces but being that it was a weekday in the early spring, I found a spot.  After checking out the beach, I carefully crossed the road...

 Head up the driveway and just before the gate for the parking area...

Trailhead: Camp 13 Trail on the right

The Map of my Route today...

 Trail Junction, just 0.01 miles from the trailhead

Begin by following the Willow Creek Trail.  This open trail has very little shade and it will slowly take you up 550 feet.  It sounds easy but let me tell you, its never really easy.  There are a couple of switchbacks, no big deal.  There really isn't much an the way of any creek...

 Looks like Willow Creek may exist down there...

 Keep climbing back....

 Junction: Trail leads to Nicholas Flat...

Off Decker Road, I've hiked back by the Flat several Times.  The 1.5 mile trail from here heads up an additional 1000 feet and will take you there.  This would be good for a workout but it looks quite torturous with very little reward until you reach the pond up there.  Search my blog and look for a better way to reach the pond.

 To Ocean Vista...

At the Nichols Flat Trail Junction, you can either head back down to Leo Carrillo, head up to Nicholas Flat or climb a quick 50 feet higher to the Ocean Vista...

 The Top

 360 degree views, step off the top and circle it

 Looking over Leo Carrillo and Mulholland Highway

 Looks like fun...

Carefully make your way back down to the trail junction and then take the nice jog down the Nicholas Flat trail back to Leo Carrillo.  I wasn't expecting much from this quick hike but like always, just getting out was remarkable.  Great weather, nice views and thank god, No Snakes!!!
Day 883 - Hike 1108 was a duplicate walk on the St. Charles Drive Hill on my lunch break at work.  This week was a busy Chill Out Frozen Yogurt Week so good new hikes were hard to come by.  That said, I still managed a few...

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