Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 885: Del Rey Lagoon - Ballona Creek Bike Path - Dockweiler Beach State Park

Ayden King of the Mountain!

Day #885 * Hike #1113 * New Track #870
Del Rey Lagoon - Playa Del Rey, CA
Ballona Creek Bike Path - Dockweiler Beach State Park

Friday April 19, 2013
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 2 Miles * +25 Feet

From Venice Beach, take the PCH (HWY 1 - Lincoln Blvd) and go south past Marina Del Rey.  Cross over Ballona Creek and then turn right on Jefferson.  Turn left on Culver and take this nearly to the beach.  Make a right on Pacific and there is free parking on the right.  On the right side of the street is the Lagoon, small beach, playground and little league fields...

 Plane from the LAX flies over top...

 A tree...


 The Beach across the street

 Ballona Bike Path

The picture above shows the path to the north.  Just up and beyond from hear, the bike path will cross the Ballona Creek Bridge and then roll along it's own private Peninsula until is meets back up with the mainland and heads over to Marina Del Rey and eventually Venice.

My Camera died on me here and since the day was growing old and I did need to meet up with my sister in Long Beach, we called it quits after a short while.  My tour today of Marina Del Rey and Playa Del Rey is over.  That said, I do plan to return with my bike and pedal down this beautiful route.  Really amazing!

The Northern end of Dockweiler Beach

My camera mustered up the strength to shoot one more pic.  This was taken over top off the side of the road just to the north of Dockweiler.  This area is strange?  On the left of the PCH is a huge fenced off area.  I know behind it is the LAX but there are many roads that lead down from the hill to the PCH, fenced off.  Its like this was once used for something - I dunno...

We drove to Long Beach, met up with my sis and picked up some flyers for
These are for our Spring Promotions.  Business is doing pretty good and we're getting involved in the community.  I haven't updated that website because my number one goal still is HIKING and this Blog!!!

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