Thursday, November 25, 2021

Cleveland, Oklahoma


Cleveland - Oklahoma

Population 3251 (As of 2017)
9th Largest Cleveland in the USA
Visited on June 15, 2019

We rolled through the town just after sunset...

The town is legit, it has a post office

This is my first blogpost in ~3 years!  Since starting FluxCredit, I've dedicated 80+ hours per week developing the company.  From a concept in 2016, to a C-Corp in 2018 and now aligned with 7 Board Members, 20 Employees and a Million Dollars of Revenue per Quarter, FluxCredit has completely monopolized my life.  That said, much has happened outside of work over the past three years, including a fire which completely destroyed more than 50% of the homes in my neighbor of 202 houses.  We didn't suffer total loss, but we were out of our home for 616 days!  

In 2019, we embarked on a 7 week adventure across the United States in the Flux Bus.  We conquered 34 States and hit up many of the Cleveland's and High Points that I have not reached yet.  Cleveland, OK was one of the first spots we visited.  Our overnight campground was in the Walmart parking lot; yes - city is big enough to support a Walmart! 

Eggs 53 Cents a dozen!

War Memorial

Cleveland Clinic

I bought this towel and it's currently hanging in my bathroom

Baker Mayfield in Cleveland, OK

Baker was just a rookie for the Cleveland Browns, a year removed from Oklahoma University, but this town supported the Oklahoma State Cowboys, which makes the entire situation a little confusing.  Interesting to say the least and perhaps Walmart was our highlight of our Cleveland, OK trip!

Our visit through OK navigated us past Tulsa and OKC, but our top spot was discovered in the old country town of Pawhuska, where the Pioneer Woman is filmed.  We actually met her and perhaps I'll update this blog with those pics and that story, but I digress.  Moving on to more Clevelands and Highpoints first.  I'm writing this post on Thanksgiving 2021 - hope to share a few stories from the 2019 adventure...


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