Saturday, November 27, 2021

Mount Washington - Highest Peak in New Hampshire

Mount Washington - Highest Peak in New Hampshire

Elevation 6288 Feet

18th Highest State Peak in the Nation

Visited on July 8th, 2019

Why Hike when you can drive?

Of course I would prefer to hike this peak from ground level up, but the time we had for this trip would not allow it - sure; excuses.  The truth is, Mt. Washington is one of the tougher state peak hikes.  It takes you by surprise.  It could be 80 degrees at basecamp in the summer and below zero at the peak with high winds.  In fact, the strongest wind gust on this planet was recorded at the top of Mt. Washington.  The original name of this Mountain was an Indian name, and the local tribe would never climb it. The mountain to them was known as death, or interpreted by their belief in god accordingly.  It never fails, hikers will die on this hike every year, in the middle of summer, from hypothermia.

Moose Sighting

White Mountains - Great Len Trails

The Hike - Alternative to the Road

Train it up - we took the bus...

We were in the FluxBus, which was not allowed to travel the road.  Cars can drive up, but we purchased the Mt. Washington bus ticket...

Sherman Adams Visitor Center

Tip-Top House

Order Up

Crawford Path to Summit

Mt Washington Summit

Gulfside Trail - Good Luck

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