Saturday, November 27, 2021

Mount Mansfield - Highest Peak in Vermont - FAILED

 Mount Mansfield - Highest Peak in Vermont
Elevation 4395 Feet
Visited on July 9th, 2019
Did Not Peak!!!

Welcome to Vermont - Hi Bernie!

Montpelier (The Capital)

Vermont is like the most rural state I've been through.  Windy, single lane hilly roads; but very green and reminded me of New Zealand.  It was pretty of nothing.  After the long drive from Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, we slept that night in some random parking lot in the Vermont capital.  The next morning we drove to Mt. Mansfield.

Stowe Mountain Resort

Gondola to the Peak?!

Gondola Closed Today!

C'mon Man!  This would have been a cool way to visit the Peak.  I believe there was also a driving road, but in the RV, no bueno.  The hiking alternative would've taken hours, which I was done for but...

Ayden and I traveled the low gondola around the resort

Mutt Mutt

Not far from the Mountain resort is an area known as Waterbury Center, I believe.  We found a pet grooming place so we decided to pamper our dogs, who didn't want to go, and traverse the area...

Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Seriously, Best Mac'N'Cheese EVER!!!!

This area was actually quite awesome.  No joke about the Vermont Cheddar, it is outstanding!  I WILL COME BACK to the CIDER MILL.  I will summit Mansfield and I will have some more Mac'N'Cheese.  By the way, the Cider and Chilli was good too!  

Around the town, found some more cheese

Places to go

Vermont Chocolate

Ben & Jerry's HQ

Gonna need to hike that Mountain now after all this food.  However, time to pick up the dogs and head over to Cleveland, NY!

Night - Night

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