Tuesday, February 1, 2011


2 miles +200 feet.

From the 101 in Ventura, exit on Victoria and drive north uphill toward the shopping area.  After Moon Drive, turn right into the Ralphs Shopping Center.  Drive to the far back right and there is a park off the city street. 

Brief story; I walked the quarter mile paved path with Domi, Sammi and Ayden.  Back in 2002, none of this was here.  I was homeless and often worked out and showered at the LA Fitness.  My black cat Opie was probably patiently waiting for me to return to the car but when I did, he was gone.  Likely, some cat lover saw Opie without a collar and snatched him.  I shouldn't say that, Opie probably approached the person and allowed them to pick him up.  He was a great cat, and hopefully still is if still alive.  He would be 12 today, just a couple months older than Domino.  If you found a black cat in the shopping center back in 2002, please contact me.  It would be to reassure and reunite with me.  I wouldn't ask you for him back.  Thank you for taking care of him when I was at my lowest.

--After the half mile hike yesterday, I walked down Tanager Street.  There is an opening between the houses that leads right down to where I last saw Opie.  The view also offers a nice sunset shot over the ocean and Islands; hence the name of the neighborhood 'Island View'.

Before the turn in the road, a windy path works its way down to Moon Drive.  It reminded me of Lombard Street in San Francisco.  Ok, it was not that amazing, but you gotta go with it! 

There is much more on my mind, including why I didn't publish pictures of it, but you have to trust me that I did walk the two miles to extend my streak to 78 days.  Maybe when this is all said and done, I'll write a book about my favorite hikes and the behind the scenes emotions.  I'll just say, I weigh 209 pounds now, my lowest since beginning this mission.  I lost the extra two pounds because of stress, not the activity. 

**MY 78 DAY SUMMARY:  268.25 Miles  +41,425 Feet**

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