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***TOP 10 HIKES***

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1.  DAY 98: Gridley to Nordoff Peak  
14.5 Miles  +3500 Feet  Ojai, California

A perfect day to take a long hike up a gradual incline with my 7-year-old son and golden retriever.  The dry rocky trailhead led to a snow covered paradise.  We sloshed through the white stuff and reached the peak.  The views of the real Ventura County were amazing!

3.5 Miles  +900 Feet  Montecito, California

The wife and kids joined me on this fun hike.  It would have been better to leave the dog behind because the final stretch involves some tricky rock climbing.  This nicely shaded trail leads to a 100 foot waterfall!  The views of the ocean were spectacular!

5.0 Miles  +75 Feet  Carpinteria, CA

Less than a half mile from the parking lot, the Harbor Seal view point can be reached.  This is a perfect casual walk to take your young kids.  The seals are only in town from December to May each year.  Leave your dogs at home for this one.  I took my kids on a five mile beach hike to scope out the entire region.
12.5 Miles  +1200 Feet  Piru, CA

Before you allow the mileage distract you, please know that most of this trip was completed on bicycle.  I normally don't mountain bike but because the road beyond Piru Lake is permanently closed, it only makes sense to pedal.  Due to an overflowing creek, we could not complete the hike.  I will be back! 

8.0 Miles  +2500 Feet  Montecito, CA

A truly rewarding accomplishment!  The views of Anacapa Island are remarkable.  The peak is 3173 feet above sea level and you are only miles from the ocean.  The final stretch to the peak is quite steep, but it's worth it!   

5.0 Miles  +1150 Feet  Malibu, CA

These waterfalls are just a five minute hike from Kanan.  The Backbone trail crosses the Santa Monica Mountains and is well maintained.  Intersecting these falls was a nice surprise!  


5.5 Miles  +1300 Feet  Ventura, CA

If you live in Ventura and haven't been to Two Trees, I know the thought has at least crossed your mind.  You can reach the top in 20 minutes but I extended the course.  Read the article and decide which way you want to go.  Respect the private property and have fun!

6.0 Miles  +400 Feet  Alta Dena, CA

The mileage for this trip includes everything I did that day.  You can reach these magnificentfalls in less than an hour from the car.  The elevation climb is also very mild.  This was a random discovery and I found it with my family :)

2.5 Miles  +600 Feet  Gaviota, CA

A truly unique phenomenon!  The trail is very easy for the most part but I wouldn’t bring children under the age of 7.  The end portion is steep and the loose gravel does make it tricky.  The ocean views are great and don't forget to sign in to the log book at the very top!


2.5 Miles  +50 Feet  Ventura, CA

The excitement on my son's face propelled this hike into my top 10.  We had an adventurous day and coming across this rope swing was just plain awesome!  Hiking is one aspect of this endeavor.  Exploring the unknown adds the exclamation over the point!   

**MY 100 DAY SUMMARY:  335.5 Miles  +51,575 Feet**   

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