Thursday, February 10, 2011


DateWednesday February 9, 2011
Miles: 1.00
Elevation Gain275 Feet
Time1 Hour
DifficultyForget about it! 
RewardThe creek was cool, but the cactus prick hurt! 
Description: An easy stroll down to the creek but the city will not allow you to proceed.  There was no such sign to the right but after a short while, it was impossible to continue!
Where: Newbury Park, CA
Directions: From the 101 Freeway in Newbury Park exit on Ventu and head North toward Amgen.  Less than a quarter mile past Hillcrest Dr. turn right into the parking lot at the Rancho Conejo Ball fields. 

I hike the Arroyo Conejo Trail yesterday and noticed a trail heading right down to the water.  I decided that I needed to come back the next day, today.  The water was roaring at the bottom of the hill but the prominent trail forward was marked with no trespassing!  Abiding by the law, I hiked to the right where there was no sign:

I tried jogging this trail for a moment, but it quickly became disgusting and overgrown.  I tiptoed my way along the path, which lead back to the creek with no crossing ability.  I picked up some large boulders and filled in a section of the 3-foot deep water rapid to cross without drenching my boots.  The other side was even more overgrown but I was on some sort of a trail.  The canyon walls were narrowing due to the neighborhoods closing in.  I wasn't going to be satisfied until I reached Hillcrest Drive so I slid across the shale and cactus on the hill:

Bad decision!  For the record, I was already working on a mild case of Poison Oak and only god knows what I encountered on this day.  ***I'm writing this now on Sunday night, the 13th of February and will testify and verify that I am covered with the poison!!!  This is my third breakout over this first 90 stretch!  HORRIBLE!!!  I got it from this trail, Tangerine falls and the Abandoned Car Trail!  I am so susceptible to this crap and I am in MISERY!!!

**Back to the Dead End Trail!  I named it that because I could not go further!  My water bottle fell and popped a hole.  I was dripping sweat and in bad shape.  No man was meant to keep going this way.  I hiked back the way I came and noticed a trail leading up to the houses.  I figured it did and said forget about it! I spotted a tree house:


...Done, hiked back across creek and jumped on my bike to head home.  I was on early daddy duty and this trail beat me up.  DONT COME HERE!

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