Monday, May 2, 2011

DAY 167: Hueneme Pier

Day 167: Sunday May 1, 2011

For directions on how to get here, read: DAY 92

At the Hueneme Pier, you will pay $2.00 an hour to park your car.  Or you could drive across the street to the Bubling Springs and park for free (Day 92).  If parking at the springs, you will surely pass the ducks:

 Aw, it's a baby...

 Mommy duck waddles away when I take a pic; baby tries to follow

 Jess fed the mamma some bread

 Hmm, daddy comes charging but stops short...


 Bad Seagull!!!!
I'm scarred for life!  Unbelievable.  If I hadn't been taking pictures, this never would have happened.  I am so freakn mad!!  I feel horrible.  The Seagull flew in from nowhere and just swooped up the baby duckling.  He flew across the pond.  A biker witnessed it and chased the bird.  After a few minutes, we the seagull dropped the duckling, but it was too late!  We disposed of the baby, but I just feel awful.  I can't help but think what the parent ducks were thinking, really!  They were there protecting the baby because they knew the danger.  I never imagined that a seagull would do that; now I know.  Now I understand why people throw rocks at seagulls, but I never will.  It's the law of nature and it's the way it has to be.  But did it have to be today, in front of me, because of me!

In my title picture at the top of this post, you will notice a young girl sitting on a statue of dolphins.  For the record, the 7 year old girl is my niece Katelyn.  In fact, her birthday party was later that afternoon.  She is sitting on this monument symbolizing a plane crash off the Island of Anacapa.  So, today was edumacational: I never knew Seagulls killed ducklings and I never knew of this plane crash.

The names of all 88 passengers are listed around the clock.  There was a four-month-old on board.  How sad :(  ... Sad day...

 Nice warm weather, gentle wind and clean beach

  Lady Bugs around the Bathroom

Caution lady bugs can fly and they swarms like bees, without the sting.  The bathrooms here are like open jail cells.  I have pictures, but I thought otherwise.  There is a little place to eat here, but we chose 7-11 hotdogs today.  We didn't hike along the beach, but from the looks of it there are miles to explore.  Instead, we wandered around the cement trails above the sand and looped back to Bubbling Springs.

We were in Oxnard this weekend for Alyssa's soccer Tourney.  Her Ventura Vipers won all 4 games; Alyssa scored about 9 goals and her team did not yield one.  She is amazing and her team is phenomenal.  

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