Sunday, May 8, 2011

DAYS 168 - 173

Another Week of Hiking:

Day 168: Monday May 2, 2011
The return to Mt. Rex.  This is the nickname for the sharp moutainlike hill over the Northside of the 101 Grade.  If you "search" Mt. Rex on this blog you should be able to read articles and view pictures of this cool spot.  Today was my third official visit.  I hiked in from North Wendy and linked up to the Rex Ridge Trail.  I have updated the map of the Rancho Conejo Open Space but I am not yet ready to publish it to this blog.  Stay tuned...

Day 169: Tuesday May 3, 2011
Ventura Beach by the Promenade and Pier.  The Downtown Ventura Beach is a rocky and filthy place if you ask me.  "C Street" is a surfers hangout located on the northside by the fairgrounds.  I went to the beach today because it was too darn hot to do anything else!  I went during lowtide and hiked the rocky/sandy portion from Surfers Point to the pier.  The southside of the pier is considered a state park, and the sand is much nicer down here.  I hiked round trip about 3 miles and now my feet are killing because of it!  I had the option to walk the promenade back but since my feet were already wet, what the heck...

Day 170: Wednesday May 4, 2011
Arroyo Verde.  Venturing off beyond the Radio Stations today.  The hike took over 2-hours round trip.  I ended up nowhere with much more to go.  The distance between peaks is deceiving.  I will need to commit an entire afternoon to really stretch some distance beyond the park...

Day 171: Thursday May 5, 2011
Dos Vientos.  Day-54-Sierra-Vista-T  The weather has been amazing.  It's been in the upper 80's all week.  Today I revisited the quick Sierra Vista Trail.  I ventured off into the brush to search for what in the world the mysterious man was looking for on Day 54.  The only thing I found was a bunch of scratches all over my body.  Nothing special, no real trail, but gaps between the thick; a mistake...  After thinking about it, I should have hidden a water bottle up here... Maybe next time.  By the end of my 1-hour+ adventure, the temperature began to cool off.  The heat wave was ending...

Day 172: Friday May 6, 2011
 Arroyo Verde.  Finding new ways to reach the beyond... I cut my visit short today because we are filming at our house on Saturday AM, and I needed my yard up to speck.

Day 173: Saturday May 7, 2011
The AM Hollywood shoot at our house went well.  I designed a water slide on the hill in my back yard.  Last year I created a trail to the top of the hill and today, using a slip n slide, the kids plunged down the hill into a baby pool.  Crazy!!  The whole family also jumped on the trampoline and we spent a couple hours of family fun followed up with one on one interviews.  Sorry, can't tell you what the shoot is for...

Later that day, we took a ride out to Anaheim.  We hiked the streets near Angel Stadium and then witnessed the TRIBE beat the Angels!  GO CLEVELAND!!!

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