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DAY 178: Boney Mountain Wilderness (Fossil Trail)

Game 4404:

DAY 178: Boney Mountain Wilderness (Fossil Trail)
Date: Thursday May 12, 2011
Miles: ~8.5  **9.0
Elevation Gain: ~1200 Feet   **+2000 Feet
Time: 3.5 Hours
Difficulty:Long, not too steep...
Reward: Going the Distance
Description: Follow a well maintained trail toward the top of Boney Mountain
Where: Newbury Park, CA
Directions:From the 101 Freeway in Thousand Oaks, exit on Wendy and head south.  Take Wendy all the way to the end and park your car (Portrero Road).
**Recalculated on Day 195

My last adventure to this area came on: Day 4: Hideen Valley Overlook


Rancho Sierra Vista/Satiwa (Culture Center)

An alternate way to reach the Boney Mountain trailhead is to park your car at the main entrance of the State Park off Lynn Road.  The center that you see in the picture above is about a quarter mile hike from the parking area.  This would have been faster because we were already 1 mile into our hike at this point.  The parking area we started from would have been fine if we darted up the steep hill like I did on Day 4.  This would take you past the windmill.  However, we followed the Wendy Trail to the pond, turned left on the Satiwa Loop Trail and then right to the next trail to finally reach the picture below:

Normally I wouldn't stop for a rest but my buddies Mike and Mike saw the bench as a welcoming.  We had already wandered for 1.5 miles and we didn't even start yet...

No dogs allowed.  You will now begin the decline between the mountains.

 Easy water crossing

 Heading back up (10 push-ups each)

 Optional cut through (easy switchback trail recommended)

 Take a breath

We were in hot pursuit to summit Boney.  Thus, we bypassed the waterfall and monument.  If you have time, stop by these places but to find the Seal Treasure, head higher to the Fossil Trail.  (I will be back on another day to reach the monument and waterfall).

 Ocean views on a hazy day

 Seal Treasure ahead!

You will find the Seal Treasure 15 paces from this sign.  From the junction, stay straight on the trail that you came up from and stride 15 paces forward and look down and to the left:

I tucked the bottle behind the trunk of this small tree and then placed a rock in front of it.  This is easy to find and grab.  Please be sure that you replace the bottle exactly where you found it after reading the clue.

**The sun was going down so it's going to take a fast hike/jog pace to get back to the car before dark.  Our goal to reach the top failed!  --I'll be back!

 Heading back across the water

 Taking the Windmill Trail


Flashback from DAY 4

Earlier in the week:

Day 175: Monday May 9, 2011
Revisit to Camarillo Oak Grove Park.   DAY #106
The weather today was a good 10+ degrees cooler than it was a week earlier; perfect for hiking.  I came here to scope out new ideas for the trail that I want to build to connect Camarillo to Thousand Oaks.  I stepped over private property for a moment but the good news is, a trail can be made without the disruption of farmland.  It's open space.  I only ventured out a half mile or so beyond the park limits and could see Mt. Rex in the distance...

Day 176: Tuesday May 10, 2011
Lynn Oaks Park: Located about 5 minutes from where I work, I discovered this place on DAY 99
Instead of hiking the Spring Trail like I did that day, I hiked along the trail through the open field to jog around the dirt track on the north side of the park.  I spent about an hour building up a good sweat and possibly achieved 4+ miles... 

Day 177: Wednesday May 11, 2011 
The Avenue Trail to the Cross: On DAY 76 I discovered the Avenue Trail with my wife and son.  This was my first time back since (101 days later), and likely my last time.  I have been to the Cross several times and it dawned on me that I could connect the two areas.  It was slightly steep, but this post confirms the connection.  The round trip did not exceed an hour.

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