Thursday, May 19, 2011


Where do I begin...  I decided to go back through my blog to figure out my estimated mileage and elevation.  In doing so, I found a mistake!  On Tuesday April 26th I hiked Day #163.  Problem is, on Wednesday the 27th, I also listed this as Day #163.  This means, every day thereafter has been off by one.  Rather than redo each post, I am making the correction now.  Therefore Sunday Day 181 was actually 182 and...

DAY 183: Monday May 16, 2011
Wendy Trail-Newbury Park   3.5 Miles +300 Feet

It was a slightly damp day due to the overnight rains.  I came back here after my longer hike on day 178.  I was interested in completing the Satiwa Loop Trail and explore the Culture Center thoroughly since I wasn't going to adventure up into the mountain.  Mission accomplished!

DAY 184: Tuesday May 17, 2011
Fields & Tennis Courts-Ventura  1.5 miles +50 feet

I own and rent a Condo in the Cape.  Along with the benefit of ownership, we have full access to the tennis courts.  Joy, I am not great at tennis, but I did find it exciting!  Anyhow, after an hour or so of punishing the little green ball, I wandered down Thille Rd to the end and ventured off into the fields.  I prolly should not have been here, but I was.  Maybe I should not say this, but on certain times of the year, this field grows beautiful flowers.  I mean, awesome flowers that must be shipped to flower shops.  I've never taken any and it would be unlawful to do so, but they are fascinating.  Today, the flowers were not in session and I did not have my camera on me if they were...

DAY 185: Wednesday May 18, 2011
Dodger Stadium- 2.5 miles +250 feet

This was my first visit back since I ran the LA Marton in March of 2010.  I won tickets from work and sat behind the plate in $70 seats.  The Dodgers played the Giants and although I am not partial to either team, the sport of it all was fun.  The game was mostly boring until the 8th inning when the Dodgers scored 3 runs to tie the game 5-5.  Of course, they gave up a 3-run homer in the 9th to lose.  The stadium is so old school, but the fans were quite interesting, lively at times.  I have to hand it to them, for a half empty stadium and a losing team, the fans in the later innings did bring out the CLEVELAND in me :)  By the way, hiking the parking lot is a hike.  We arrived early so I explored the areas where the marathon had started.  This is a very steep hilly section of town.  Ruff neighborhoods, etc... I made a hike outside the ballpark with Alyssa.

***Recap: after reviewing the blog I noticed how I nearly gave up the adventure on Day 126.  I updated Days 125 & 126 with vebiage to the pictures.  I'm glad I kept going because I am still visiting new and interesting places (like the Bat Caves last week).  Moreover, many of you are still following and a received a comment from my Bat Caves hike showing me the way to the Hollywood Sign:    SKYHIKER     
I will follow his trail guide sometime in the near future!

Now, drum roll please....  I have added up my estimated mileage over the half year that I have been hiking non-stop ever single day.  And the estimated mileage is:

**MY 185 DAY SUMMARY:  592 Miles  +78,200 Feet**

Wow, my pace average has dropped off significantly since over the last 50 days.  Hmm, I'mm going to have to do something about this!

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