Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today we rode our bikes from Foster Park in Ventura to Ojai.  For driving instructions to Foster Park, please view Day49: Foster Park
 Just the five of us on this one...

 A few minutes into the ride; I hiked near here Day 79: Sulphur Mountain

 The Ventura River

 There are not many street crossings

 Almost there!

 Crossing the main road in Ojai

 The back entrance to the park (don't miss it)

 Libby Park

 Good Times

 Ice Cream in Downtown Ojai

We biked about 18 miles total (round trip).  Going back was easy but coming up you will encounter about a +600 elevation gain.  It's gentle but with little kids, you may need to stop a couple of times.  Including playtime, we spent about 4 hours in total.  For a longer full day trip, you can begin at the Boat Park in Ventura or anywhere along the Promenade and pedal all the way up.  I saved that hike/bike/run for another day.  I generally don't like to bike but today it just made sense.  This was only my 3rd bike ride over the 189 day period.  Of course, I did involve some hiking/exploring along with.

DAY 190: Monday May 23, 2011
Arroyo Verde: First Upper Ridge

I hiked about 4 miles +600 feet today.  A few weeks ago, I hid a Seal Treasure near a tree.  I hiked down from my house and confirmed that it was still there.  Then, I hiked an easy stretch of trail with Domino and then fled into the park.  I noticed a spur that went straight up to the left.  Well, today I took this off trail up past the barb wire all the way to the top.  I've been up there before on one of my Two Tree Hikes so I took an easier way back down.  By the way, the Seal Treasure was still safe and secure.

Over the weekend, Alyssa and I ate at the Oak Pit after our Lake Casitas Hike.  I failed to mention this then, so figured I would plug it now.  I love going to this spot in Oakview.  Good Tri-Tip, my kind of potato salad and just a chill place to eat after a long hike.  We each enjoyed a root beer float :)

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