Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 419 & 420: Ayden Versus the Wave Part 2 and Alyssa Soccer

Alyssa on the Camarillo Eagles

Day #419 * Hike #472 * Duplicate TrackSaturday January 7, 2012
Pleasant Valley Fields

Friendlies Tournament
My Tripometer: 4 Hours * 2.5 Miles * +50 Feet

 The outer mile loop

For the past several months, Alyssa has been doing double duty finishing up her season with the AYSO Extra Mighty Vipers and joining the top Club team in the area, the Camarillo Eagles.  Both regular seasons came to an end awhile ago but the tournaments and scrimmages continue.

Rather than just being a supporting parent rooting on the child, I got my mile+ by jogging and mostly walking.  Remember, yesterday I did that long hike so this hike at the Pleasant Valley Fields was truely pleasant. 

Day #420 * Hike #473 * New Track # 435Sunday January 8, 2012
Ayden Versus the Wave Part 2

My Tripometer: 2 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +25 Feet

 Top of the beach (trailhead)

Last time I came here it was with Ayden and Domino.  Ayden Versus the Wave  From Day 27.  It was hard to come here today without her and due to the high tide there would be no part two with Sammi, this time.

 The far side of the beach (The new hike begins)

 I hiked through the tunnel

 Other side of the 101

 The trail back along the dead end road and back to the beach

Nothing too exciting down here.  Evidence of homelessness and dumping.  Only thing good about it was that I covered a mile on new ground.  Later that day we went back to Pleasant Valley Fields for a double header.  While the NFL was watching Tim Tebow and the Broncoes beat the Steelers, I played a little back yard ball with some of the brothers from the Eagles soccer game.  Although I prolly accumulated an additional two miles between walking/jogging to the soccer fields in addition to who knows in football, I can't call that effort a hike.  Seems to me that these actions are just normal daily life.  Especially because I lost to those kids... (I did win the first game.  So tired, and still sore from the crazy hike on Friday...)

**The long awaited Viper Playoffs begin next weekend.  Stay tuned. 
-I'm writing this on Thursday and will up this week's hikes at a later time.  I added a couple of new neat ones...

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