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Day 412: Rock Pools at Malibu Creek Park

Rock Pools

Day #412 * Hike #465 * New Track Day 431
Saturday December 31, 2011
Malibu Creek Park - Rock PoolsMy Tripometer: 3 Hours * 4.5 Miles * +250 Feet

From the 101 Freeway in Ventura County, head south.  Exit on Lost Hills and turn right.  Turn right on Las Virgenes.  Just passed Muholland Hwy is the Park entrance.  You can pay $12 and park here, or turn back and park on the corner of Muholland and Las Virgenes like we did...

I'll need to come back here to visit the M.A.S.H. site

To reach the rock pools, hike to the end of the park to the Back Country Trail.  At the first fork go left and cross the creek.  Walk to the visitor center and then cross the bridge.  Follow the creek and you will reach the Rock Pools.
We'll parallel the this trail on our way back


Rock Climbing Everywhere!

Very Cold Water

Sheriff on duty just in case

After we left, we heard someone screaming
(Prolly from one of these girls falling in the ice cold water)

In a wet suit, this guy found his friend's camera under water

Rock Climbing!

We did our own mile climbing

Cool camping area


Loop back on the Grassland Trail


Trailhead at Muholland Drive

Many months ago I hiked from Liberty Canyon.  I suspected that the trail would eventually end at this point.  Now that I discovered the trailhead, I'm going to have to put my theory to the test.  Also, what is the Phantom Trail?  Sounds interesting.  I shall return someday to find out...


Day #400 * Hike #453 * Duplicate Track from Day ??
Monday December 19, 2011
Hobert Park
My Tripometer: 1 Hours * 1 Mile * +25 Feet

This is a nice shaded park in Ventura off Telegraph Road.  Last time I came here Ayden was jumping with his bike in the Skate Park.  Today he was scooter happy.  I rounded the perimter of the park and zigzagged to accumilate my daily mile but today was about Ayden.

Day #401 * Hike #454 * Duplicate Track from Day ??
Tuesday December 20, 2011
Kimball Park - 2.75 Mile Run
My Tripometer: 1/2 Hour * 2.75 Miles * +75 Feet

Ayden was on his bike and along side my wife, the run began.  By the first quarter mile, she was already 20 seconds up on me.  I never caught her.  I weigh in at around 225, my highest daily weight ever.  There were a couple times that I weighed slighly more, but I quickly dropped it.  My hiking has turned more into a walk in the park.  I really need to kick start this into the new year into a new gear...

  • 2.55.14
  • 2.39.59
  • 2.30.28
  • 2.17.78  --  10.22.79  --  Mile 1
  • 2.24.97
  •   ~1/8th 2.06.84
  • 4.40.49
  • 2.13.72
  • 1.52.57
  • 4.47.78
  • 4.45.67
  •   ~1/8th 1.56.21
35.11.04 Total time for the 2.75 run/walk.  After a mile and a quarter I began to walk.  Pathetic!  After about 3/8ths of a mile of walking, I began to run again and I totally ran myself out.  Possibly a New Years resolution to run again, hmm... 

Day #402 * Hike #455 * New Track #429
Wednesday December 21, 2011
Pacific High - Ventura
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1 Miles * +25 Feet

Around the corner from Pacific View Mall is a tiny Skate Park.  Ayden was back at it with his scooter.  I ventured around the corner and walked across the grassy field at Pacific High School.  Another easy day, disappointing for the followers.  Between work and all, what can I do??

Day #403 - 408 * Hike #456 - 461 * Duplicate Tracks
Thursday - Tuesday December 22 - 27, 2011
Arroyo Verde Park - Ventura

**Easy hiking at Arroyo Verde over the holiday weekend...

Domino Opening her X-Mas Present (before the injury)

Santa Cruz Island

Two Trees

Hebrew Beer, Clevand Browns, Cavs, Chess, Football: The Life!

Ayden got a Wii for X-Mas
Santa brought Alyssa a Guitar

Anacapa Island

Merry X-Mas
Day #409 * Hike #462 * New Track #430
Wednesday December 28, 2011
Newbury Park HS - 2 Mile Run
  1. 2.05.18
  2. 2.26.72
  3. 2.34.64
  4. 2.21.35  --  9.27.89 Mile
  5. 2.19.48
  6. 2.31.68
  7. 2.44.57
  8. 2.22.81  --  9.58.54 Mile **  19.26.43 2 Mile Run
I am embarassed to even share this, but these are my times!

Day #410 - 411 * Hike #463 - 464 * Duplicate Track
Thursday - Friday December 29 - 30, 2011
Arroyo Verde, again...

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