Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Days 427-429:: Vipers 4 - Woodland Hills 0 (Another Hat Trick for Alyssa!)

Overlooking the Rancho Conejo Open Space on Day 428

Day #427 * Hike #481 * Duplicate Track
Sunday January 15, 2012
Camino Real - Ventura

2-Mile Run & Dog Park
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.5 Miles * +25 Feet

The 2-Mile Course

Pathetic!  I finished the run in 20.38.26.  I ran the first mile in 8.57.19 but about halfway back, I began to walked/jog.  I could have kept it going but really wasn't in the mood :(

Sammi met a Newfoundlander

Day #427 * Hike #482 * New Track # 440
Sunday January 15, 2012
Arroyo Vista Community Park - Moorpark

Further Down the River and Ventura vs. Woodland Hills
My Tripometer: 3 Hours * 2.25 Miles * +50 Feet

Located at Moorpark High School off of Tierra Rejada.  From Ventura, you can take the 118 all the way to Moorpark and turn right on Tierra Rejada.  Cross the bridge over the river and as you are going around the turn, turn left into the park and drive all the way back.  If you are coming up from Thousand Oaks, exit Tierra Rejada from the 23 and follow this almost all the way back to LA Ave.  The entrance will be on the right.

This was my third visit to the park and we discovered a new way to hike it.  We arrived early for Alyssa's Soccer game so while she and mom scoped out the Quartz Hill game, Ayden and I walked to the back of the park and hiked over the bridge.  On the other side of the river was a small park where I left Ayden as I ventured up the river.  I turned around just after the second small waterfall.  I figure that I can come back out, park at the street that ends at the river and then hike the next portion.

The Ventura Mighty Vipers beat Woodland Hills 4-0!  Alyssa performed the hat trick with 3 Goals!  In the playoff tournament, the Vipers are 2-0 scoring 6 total goals in two shut out performances.  Quartz Hill, who went undefeated in the regular season, is also 2-0 with 6 total goals.  The Vipers play Malibu next Saturday and then the expected showdown against Quartz Hill will be on Sunday.  Stay tuned...

Day #428 * Hike #483 * New Track # 441
Monday January 16, 2012
MB2- Rancho Conejo Open Space

My Tripometer: 1 Hours * 2.25 Miles * +75 Feet

I met up with my wife and kids at MB2 (an indoor Go-Kart track in Thousand Oaks).  It's MLK Day so the kids were off from school.  Neat little place but overpriced IMHO...

Are these guys famous?

Outside the parking lot I hiked across the field and ended up crossing Rancho Conejo to Baxter.  About a year ago, I hiked from this spot and named it the Baxter Trail.  This was the day where I ran into a random old guy who pointed out a 400-yearold oak tree.  Although I have hiked most of Rancho Conejo, there is still open space to explore.  Most of what I wandered on today will likely become office building in the future.  This is ok because the land up here is flat and it seems that the city has protected the land below and beyond.  This is truly a cool, unique area...

Day #429 * Hike #484 * Duplicate Track
Tuesday January 17, 2012
Arroyo Verde Park
Happy Birthday Jessi :)
My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 2.5 Miles * +475 Feet

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