Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 475: Lower McMenemy Trail - Girard Trail - San Ysidro Trail (Loop)

Santa Barbara Pier from the McMenemy Trail

Day #475 Hike #536 * New Track #482
Saturday March 3, 2012
Loop: Lower McMenemy - Girard - San Ysidro Trails - Montecito, California

My Tripometer: 2.5 Hours * 5 Miles * +1500 Feet

Follow the same driving instructions from Day 462: San Ysidro Trail Waterfall  You will begin hiking along the same route for about a half mile and then once you reach the Lower McMenemy Trail, turn left and follow that trail...

 From the Lower McMenemy Trail sign, cross the creek

The uphill begins through the forest

 Looks like you can go left, possibly to a public street?
We turned right and continued to climb higher

 There will be a road on your left, but it ends.  Follow the switchbacks higher
The zigzags are not too difficult - if you don't take the cut thrus

 Take a rest, enjoy the view (there is more up to come)

 Rather than follow the Mcmenemy Trail, which appeared to go lower...

 We took the Girard Trail on the right to an immediate higher elevation

 There is a view point trail just off the main Girard

 Ayden ate his PB&J

 The trail eventually rounded to a road; We turned right to head lower

 Cross a little creek

 Rejoins the San Ysidro Trail (cool, we looped it!)
The single track takes you to the waterfall...

 Hmm, I don't remember this rock monster glaring at me last month?

Near the bottom, I climbed the rocks with Ayden!

What a great hike with great views.  I imagine that I will be back to this area at least a few more times to complete all sections.  From the Lower McMenemy Trail it appears that there must be another Trailhead.  I gotta go out and look for it...

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