Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 482: Calavera Lake (near San Diego)

Calavera Lake

Day #482 Hike #543 * New Track #487
Saturday March 10, 2012
Calavera Lake - Carlsbad, California

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 3 Miles * +225 Feet
 Trailhead off Saddle Drive

From Los Angeles take the I-5 south toward San Diego.  Exit on Route 78 and head East.  (You will pass Route 74 & 76 before you finally reach 78 so don't mess this up.  This exit will also take you to the San Diego Safari Park).  From the 78, take the 2rd exit and turn right on College Blvd.  Head up the hill and pass Tamarack Ave.  Turn left on the 2nd crossing of Tamarack Ave.  Turn right on Saddle Drive and you will see the trailhead on the left.

This is not the main trailhead.  In fact, you can see the lake if you continue down Tamarack and there is a main trail from there.  There are also many other trails and parking areas on the other side of the lake.  I went from here today because my wife and I had business on this street today.  If this business venture pans out, I will write more about it.  But for now, its a hike!

 The Region
From the Saddle Trailhead, follow the downhill to a main trail and turn right

 Small creek in the road - turn left at the junction ahead

 many options, i remained on the low road

 leads to a lake viewpoint

 Calavera Lake from above

From here there are many ways you can go.  I zigzagged around and ended up rounding the lake.  There was a guy in a small boat paddling around and many people biking, hiking and walking dogs.

 Looking back - time to leave...

This was a great place to jog.  The temperature was perfect and I took the shirt off to attract some sun, no bees :).  The business meeting went well and then it was a rush to head back to LA...

Ventura Mighty Vipers marching at the LA Galaxy Game!

***This was last Saturday night.  Tomorrow (Saturday the 17th, St. Patty's Day, Alyssa and the Vipers will be in Palm Springs to fight for the State Championship.  There is a weather system coming through which should make for a muddy mess.  The forecast said, and I quote, "...deadly for hikers and campers".  I have a hike planned between games so I hope the weather holds up just long enough where the wife will be on board.  I have to wake up at 4am, so good night and wish us luck!!!

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