Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 488 continued: Palm Springs Museum Trail

Overlooking Palm Springs from the Museum Trail

Day #488 * Hike #550 * New Track #489
Saturday March 17, 2012
Museum Trail - Palm Springs, California

My Tripometer: 1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +700 Feet

 Drive past this museum entrance...

The Palm Springs Art Museum is located at 101 North Museum Drive in Palm Springs, CA 92262.  I don't remember how exactly we got here because we were coming from the hospital.  In the rain, Day 488 continues...

 Pull into the second parking lot and walk to the back...

 The Trail starts here

 Follow the rocky switchback trail up and up

 Looking back over the golf course

 Cool Rock Formations

Step up into the clouds...

The trail is said to go about 1 mile back +900 feet.  We went about 3/4's of a mile and then it got pretty steep.  I was all set to go higher but Ayden complained.  The trail condition wasn't bad, especially since it was drizzling and their were a few steep steps.  Traction wasn't an issue but the mood of Alyssa in the ER was.  This trail is located in the middle of town, only about a mile from the hospital...

Day #488 * Hike #551 * New Track #490
Saturday March 17, 2012
Downtown Palm Springs, California

My Tripometer: 3 Hours * 2.5 Miles * +25 Feet

From the museum, we drove a mile down the road and found the Downtown Strip.  Ayden and I parade through the streets in search for food, gifts for Alyssa and of course, Green Beer.  It surely didn't seem festive today and I can't believe how dead it was here.  The bars were mostly empty.  Maybe it was the rain keeping people away but if this were Cleveland, the ground would be shaking...

After eating at Peabody's, we drove back to the hospital to deliver Jess some hot cocoa and Alyssa the gifts that we picked out.  She was doing well and in great spirits because the Vipers beat Quartz Hill.  However, because the ER was sooo busy, the delay was annoying.  Ayden couldn't go into the waiting from and since it was going to take a few more hours, I decided to take Ayden back downtown to explore the remaining part that we hadn't covered yet...

***We finally left the hospital at 10pm.  They put Alyssa to sleep in effort to set her arm but the ER failed!  She was given pain meds and they told us to go to our Doctor on Monday to have her arm set properly.  The saga continues and as of this moment, her bones are beginning to fuse and her arm still is not set!  She saw the Dr. on Monday and after he took x-rays, he told his secretary to clear his schedule for an emergency procedure.  Then, when he learned what kind of insurance we had, he said he couldn't help us!!  He referred us to someone else who works part time in Santa Barbara and part time in Ventura.  When this Dr. found out what was happening, he said rush her to Santa Barbara so he could perform the surgery.  However, he then learned about our insurance and said that he could see her on Friday, make an appointment.

Basically, Monday was completely wasted.  No one would help.  On Tuesday Jess had an afternoon appointment with someone else, but fortunately she came in early and was seen.  This Dr. said that he will operate on her Friday morning.  It sucks that it takes 6 days to do something that Kobe Bryant would have had done same day, but at least finally Alyssa has something to look forward to; healing!  Gotta Love the American Medical Obama Health Program.  I guess this is my fault for having cheap insurance - WTF!  I don't even have insurance for myself, good thing the kids are covered with something!

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