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Facts About the Pacific Harbor Seal

There are over 300,000 Pacific Harbor Seals in population, approximately 40,000 in the waters of California.  These seals are capable of long distance movement but they do not migrate.  For this reason it is important that their rookeries are protected.

Growing 4 to 6 feet in length, the adult male may reach a weight of 375 pounds while the female will not weigh more than 330 pounds.  Harbor Seals can be found as far north as Alaska and south to Isla Cedros which is halfway down the Baja Coast.

Their diet consists mainly of flounder, perch and herring.  However, if shrimp, squid and octopus is available, the harbor seal will oblige.  These foods lead to a high metabolic rate to help generate a high body temperature, which is necessary in the cold pacific waters.  Multiple layers of fat blubber give the seal insulation, buoyancy and energy reserve.
Female harbor seals usually give birth to one pup a year between the months of January and June.  Occasionally they give birth to twins but the mother is only strong enough to care for one pup at a time.  If twins are born, the mother typically cares for the stronger pup and allows the weaker one to die.  Pups are generally born two feet in length and will weigh about 20 pounds.  Within days the mother will teach the pup how to swim but the pup will need many weeks to before it is ready to endure ocean conditions.

Play the Seal Treasures Mystery Game!  Fun for all ages! 
Hi, I'm Jeremy Jacobus.  On November November 15, 2010, I decided that I would hike 1000 Trails in 1000 Days.  On 
DAY 40 I came across the Carpinteria Bluffs and discovered the Seal Sanctuary.  I continued on with my hiking adventure and returned to the Sanctuary on DAY 84.  It wasn't until after I was published in the Ventura County Star that I realized I could make a difference if I hiked for a cause.  I am passionate for the Pacific Harbor Seal, thus it was obvious and i am adament to help seek year round beach closure to help protect the Rookery entirely! 
You can help through Donation & Petition.  If you are interested in the trails that I have hiked, please check out my blog at
Seal Treasue Mystery Game
Off the beaten path on trails all over Southern California, I've hidden Seal Treasures.  I challange you to strap on your hiking boots, fill up your camel pack and set off to solve the mystery.  There are several mystery games that you can try.  They have been designed to be age appropriate and to your specific skill level.  I will continue to add challanges as I hike.  The Treasure Hunt is absolutely FREE to play.  Please sign up and try to conquer all of the challenges.

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