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Seal the beach, cont...

Harbor Seals & TrailsAbout Us
Harbor Seals & Trails was formed in March of 2011 as a business catagorized under Support Forestry Activity, IRS classification #115310.  Currently we are filing for a non-profit status with the Secratary of State in California to be recognized as a 501 (c)(3) organization.  Our immediate objective is to seek full time beach closure near Casistas Pier in Carpinteria, California.  The purpose of this campaign, known as SEAL the Beach, is to help protect the Pacific Harbor Seal.

At Harbor Seals & Trails, we are determined to give back to the community.  Protecting and utilizing good Open Space for public recreational usage is our top agenda.  We believe that if the public has a more legitimate way to hike and explore undeveloped land, there will be less vandalism, trespassing and disruption to the surrounding ecosystems.  Our goal is to not only secure the easements necessary to access this land but we will be mindful with the long term upkeep and security to ensure a pleasant experience.  This will be done by asking the California Conservation Corps (CCC) to help maintain trails.  Additionally, we will install trash cans, recycle bins and doggy poo disposal stations.  Signs will be added to clearly mark the correct path.  We will be adamant and will not tolerate venturing off the approved trail. 
Future Plans:
•Mountain Bike Trail from Camarillo Oak Grove Park  to Wildwood Park.  The goal is to create a trail from Camarillo to Thousand Oaks without crossing any roads.    •Two Trees Trail for the City of San Buenaventura.  In 1898, 13 Eucalyptus trees were imported from Austria.  In 1903, a brush fire destroyed all but five of these trees.  In 1940, three of the trees were hacked down as a Halloween prank.  Immediately, the three diseased trees were replanted.  In 1956, thugs cut down one of the original trees and two of the replaced trees.  Since then, for more than a half century, the two remaining trees stand strong.  However, hooligans continue to violate the trees by carving their initials and spray paint graffiti on their trunks.  Two Trees has become a symbol in Ventura.  They stand alone on top of the hills and can be seen from the harbor to the college.  It's important that we protect this landmark.  By creating a public trail, we will employ security to ensure that residents about by the rules.
•Trail from Two Trees to Sulphur Mountain Road.  The City of Ventura lacks good Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails.  The hillside above Ventura is a perfect location for the novice hiker.  Sulphur Mountain Road already connects Casitas Springs to the Upper Ojai Valley.  It would be sensible to have a trail from Ventura bisect this road.   
•Snowy Plover Trail:  Just North of Oxnard Shores  is a nesting zone for the Snowy Plover.  This area is protected from March 15 to September 15 but there is no marked trail to hike from the sand dunes to the beach.  We propose year round closure of the nesting zone to preserve this area entirely.  By creating a path to cross the nesting area before the power plant, we believe residents will abide to the closure and stay within the permitted access way.  This can easily be done by roping off the short distance that it  takes to cross the zone.

Contact Us
Phone: (805) 701-6123
Mailing Address:

            Harbor Seals & Trails
            1090 Gilbert Lane
            Ventura, CA. 93003 How You Can Help? 

Currently, we have no source of revenue to fund any of our projects.  In the near future we anticipate driving revenues through our Seal Club Card service.  We will also be working with local businesses to advertise on this website and brochures.  That said, we are dependant on the local residents in Southern California to identify our mission as a worthy cause to accomplish these goals.
You can help by doanating and/or signing the online petition to SEALtheBeach:
                    Donation & Petition
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