Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 904: Sedona Dos Vientos Ranch - Life After the Fire!

Life After the Fire!

Day #904 * Hike #1136 * New Track #885
Sedona Dos Vientos Ranch - Newbury Park, CA

Wednesday May 8, 2013
My Tripometer:  1 Hour * 1.5 Miles * +100  Feet

 National Park Entrance off Potrero - Closed

 The fields are charred, but Boney Stands Proud!

 The Westernmost Entrance - Do Not Enter...

In search for a place to hike I determined that Pt. Mugu State Park was off limits.  I drove down Los Vientos and turned into an open gate for the new homes in Sedona Dos Vientos Ranch.  Normally this gate would be locked but due to the recent fire, it was left open.

Near the corner of Via Sedona and Via Bonita, I drove up past the fire gate between the houses and began my hike here:

This was a new track for me.  I've never been back here before.  That said, I've seen portions of it from the top, what I call the Outer Dos Vientos Trail.  But first time at this elevation and this is what I saw...

 Walking on the moon...

 Follow the fire road

 This way, to the right, takes you to the...

 Hidden Pond!

 The fire burnt through the marsh

 Danger - Bridge Closed

 Hmm, should I try it?

 Another View

 Yep, I crossed it...

 kept going...

 Looking Back

 Looking over Camarillo


 Looping back to the houses, close call huh...

 Driving down Potrero Hill for the first time...

 See, I knew there were trails back in there

You couldn't see these before because of the trees, but now they are all burnt down.  Alright, that's enough.  Time to head over to Chill Out...

 Thank You Fire Fighters!!!

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