Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 913: Charmlee Wilderness Park - Ranch House Ruins - Clyde Canyon - Malibu

Charmlee Wilderness Park 

Day #913 * Hike #1149 * New Track #897
Charmlee Wilderness Park - Malibu, CA

Ranch House Ruins - Clyde Canyon
Friday May 17, 2013
My Tripometer:  1 Hour * 2.25 Miles * +125  Feet


From the 101 Freeway, exit on Westlake Blvd and head south towards Malibu.  Continue down the windy road past Mulhollad and follow the 23 south as it becomes Decker Canyon Road.  Turn left on Encinal Canyon Road and the park entrance will be on the right about 1.25 miles up.  It's easy to pass so just look for the sign as seen in the picture above.  **If you are coming up from the PCH, just follow Encinal Canyon Road uphill for several miles and the park will be on your left.

 Many Trails to Follow (Jog)
(pick up a trail map at this sign)

There are plenty of places to park your car.  I only "noticed" on the way out that you are technically suppose to pay for parking...

 passed a picnic area

 Continue following the Russell Trail forward

 straight ahead to the ruins

 Ranch House Ruins

 Rock Box House

 This is my home

 Views out over a field to the ocean

The trail at the ranch house ends here.  Head back to the last trail junction and turn right to head out towards the field...

 I'm heading over to Clyde Canyon today
I'll come back some other time to check at the reservoir and lower trails

 Looking back across the field

 Continue past the black forest to Clyde Canyon

 Heading down towards the canyon

 made a u-turn here

 lifting back up, out and over - Views!

Passing the Nature Center, back to the car...

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