Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 889: Sage Trail - Sin Nombre Trail - Hidden Pond Trail (Before the Springs Fire)

Sin Nombre Trail (Before the Fire) 

Day #889 * Hike #1118 * New Track #873
PT. MUGU STATE PARK - Newbury Park, CA

(A Week Before the Springs Fire)
Sage Trail - Sin Nombre Trail - Hidden Pond Trail
Tuesday April 23, 2013
My Tripometer: 2 Hours * 9 Miles * +1100 Feet

Sage & Sin Nombre Loop

For driving directions to the trail head, follow - Day 563: Hidden Pond Trail

I've been back here many times in my 1000 Days.  To reach some of the trails tucked deep between Newbury and Malibu, riding a bike is very helpful.  From the trailhead, I pedaled out the quarter mile to the open field.  Turn right and follow the cement bike path up for 0.3 miles.  Then, the long steep hill begins.  My old bike has bad breaks so I held them in all the way tight as I coasted down the nearly mile long hill.  At the bottom, cross the bridge, pass the Fossil Trail - Day 876 on your left and then begin hiking on the right:

 Hidden Pond Trailhead

Technically, no bikes allowed on the trail.  However, I did bring mine.  I often walked it because I'm not too good at negotiating these narrow rocky trails.  The elevation gain on the trail itself was not difficult, by the narrowness of it was...

 Well some spots were easy to ride :)

 Ended up here and confused...

 Ah, found my way back out to Sycamore Canyon Road

 Looking back at where I came from

I turned right on the road and continued heading slightly downhill.  Turn Right on Ranch Center Road...

 Ranch Center Road

 0.3 miles up, turn left on the Sin Nombre Trail
I've past this trail before and today, I will ride my bike down it!

 Hidden Pond Trail Across from Sin Nombre

Eventually, I will loop back and create a figure 8 type pattern by taking this portion of the Hidden Pond Trail.  But first, Sin Nombre...

 Nice Trail, quick on the bike, slight downhill

 Turn right on the dirt road 

 Heads down to Sycamore Canyon Road, but...

 Turn right on the Sage Trail

Folks, you earn the price of admission on this one.  The non expert bike rider that I am had me walking the majority of this 0.7 mile track which gained 400 feet...

 Lovely Boney Mountain

 Completed, back to Ranch Center Road, a breather please

 after a brief up, glide down Ranch Center Road

 Left on Hidden Pond Trail


Hidden Pond was like a roller coaster.  Little ups and downs.  Eventually, I intersected the confusing rocky dry creek and wound up on Sycamore Canyon Road.  From there, the long uphill battle to the car.  I walked a good portion of the hill.  Not enough strength to pedal the entire monster.

It's unreal that I was here just a week before the made fire!  I can't imagine what this place looks like now.  So Depressing!!!  In the days leading up to the fire, I conquered a couple more new hikes back up in here.  I'm so glad that I got these under my belt because it will take years for the area to come back, if ever.  Stay tuned for more amazing footage...

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