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Day 898: Camarillo Springs Fire - Park View Trail - Dos Vientos

Camarillo Springs Fire - Dos Vientos Area

Day #898 * Hike #1128 * New Track #879
Park View Trail - Newbury Park, CA

Camarillo Springs Fire
Thursday May 2, 2013
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 2 Miles * +100 Feet

 6:45am - On my way to work

Only a few feet from my car, I moved into the truck lane going up the Conejo Grade (101) and snapped a few pics.  Appears to be just another small brush fire from some idiot flicking a cigarette out the window.  There were no fire trucks on the scene yet but there was one slowly chugging up the grade.  They did not appear to be in any rush to put this fire out.  I didn't think to much of it as nearly year, the grade catches fire.  Check out my posts from last year's fire on the grade: Day 634: Fire on the Conejo Grade & Day 635: After the Fire

 After work, I learned the fire has spread to over 2000 acres!

 Trailhead in Dos Vientos

At this point the fire spanned from Camarillo to Newbury Park.  There were so many places to choose from but many of the roads were closed.  I made my way into Dos Vientos, Newbury Park and found a random trail.  I've hiked most of the Dos Vientos Trails but this was a new one.  I couldn't tell you what street I was on but across the street from this trail, The Park View Trail continued...

Park View Trailhead
(but I hiked on the other side of the street)

 Walking along a charred trail
The blaze had already passed over this area.  There were no firefighters so I continued...

 Switchback - the ground was still very hot

 Trail leads into Camarillo

 A pond and several fires - no firefighters down here

 These houses were saved!

 Saw another blaze on another hillside so I went back...

 another new trailhead, further down the road


 to the rescue...

 Hmm, lets see how close I can get...

 Keep Back - Good Idea

 setting back fires

Day #898 * Hike #1129 * Duplicate Track
Outer Dos Vientos Trail - Newbury Park, CA

Thursday May 2, 2013
My Tripometer:   0.75 Hours * 1.25 Miles * +50 Feet


I was here once before on Day 423: Outer Dos Vientos Trail. After the Park View Trail area, I drove around Dos Vientos and eventually wound up here.  Not much going on, but let's see...

 The fire jumped over Potrero Road into Pt. Mugu State Park - Boney Mountain

 About a half mile into the trail, I encountered a random blaze

 firefighters were arriving on the scene

 battling the blaze

 This is my hose, just trying to help

 feeling helpless

 fallen car off Potrero Road

 On my exit, others were trying to get in...

 Out of Dos Vientos, looking for my next hike

 Found the area

Day #898 * Hike #1130 * Duplicate Track
Duplicate Trails - Newbury Park, CA

Thursday May 2, 2013
My Tripometer: 0.75 Hours * 1 Mile * +25 Feet

I was here a couple months ago and originally discovered this trailhead on Day 710: Highest Peak in Newbury Park.  I've been in the area several times and I recall getting lost in the brush on the hill you see in front of you.  Today, it's like walking on the moon.  The trail is completely gone!!!

 Day 832 took me to this trailhead, so lets check it out


Almost sunset...

Firefighters say "Turn Back"
Time to Chill Out, literally.  I was working the closing shift at Chill Out Frozen Yogurt.  I could have continued this pursuit all night, but I will return tomorrow from another vantage point.  **I've been working double shifts, hiking every day, etc.  Over the last couple of weeks, I hiked many trails in the Santa Monica Mountains - the very same areas that were burned by this fire which now covers over 10,000 acres!  Please be patient, I will update the blog...

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