Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 914: El Pescador - La Piedra - Zuma - Trancas Beach - Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach

Day #914 * Hike #1150 * New Track #898
West Zuma Beach - Trancas Beach - Malibu, CA

Saturday May 18, 2013
My Tripometer: 1.5 Hours * 2 Miles * +0 Feet

 Looking north toward Trancas Beach from the end of Zuma Beach

I've hiked at Point Dume and Zuma Beach in the past.  If I recall, I snapped pics of dolphins that day.  Search my blog for this.  Today, we parked for free on the PCH by Guernsey Ave, just south of Trances Canyon.  After passing the police horses in the parking lot, I began hiking north...

 Sammi was digging it

 Private Volley Ball
 Oh yeah, Ziggy's here too...

 Cool colored rocks and stairs

The beach continues on forever.  Eventually it meets up to a public entrance off Broad Beach Road.  If I recall correctly, I went there last July 4th, or was that the year before?  Essentially, I'm destined to cover the entire California Coastline, if you give me enough time...

I walked back with the dogs and met up with...


He was negotiating the waves and the seaweed as my wife caught some rays.  Not long after meeting up with them a lifeguard advised that we could not have dogs on the beach.  He said the only beach in Malibu you can have dogs is Leo Carillio.  However, he did say I could trance back to Trancas because he did not patrol there and dogs would be okay.  Okay, so I did...

 Police Horses!

Day #914 * Hike #1151 * New Track #899
La Piedra Beach - Malibu, CA

Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach
Saturday May 18, 2013
My Tripometer:  30 Minutes * 1 Mile * +75 Feet

 La Piedra Beach

Heading North on the PCH back toward Ventura, we passed El Matador Beach, which I hiked a long while back somewhere on this blog.  Next pull off to the left, La Piedra.  $8.00 Self Pay Parking, but I did not have to pay because Jess, Ayden and the dogs remained in the van watching a movie while I checked this spot out for the first time...

 Trailhead - see, it's legit...

 narrow trail, steep in a couple places, but not too bad...

The trail leads to a Y-Junction just before approaching the beach.  The left trail is more obvious and turned out to be the better way to go.  However, I went right and carefully made my way down to the beach...


I hiked north to the end and then back south to the end.  This is a real nice private style beach, not overpopulated, likely due to the paid parking.  However, this beach does not come close in comparison to El Matador, which has awesome caves...

 That house and tree look familiar
(I'm very certain I hiked to this point when I did El Matador)

Day #914 * Hike #1152 * New Track #900
El Pescador - Malibu, CA

Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach
Saturday May 18, 2013
My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1 Mile * +50 Feet

 El Pescador, next turnoff


 Down to the beach...
 Look at the bird on the rock

 Next wave, he got the heck out of there

 Beach end to the North

La Piedra to the south

Collectively, I just connected many dots on the map.  Of all the beaches in this immediate area, here is how I would rank them:

  1. El Matador Beach
  2. Pt. Dume
  3. El Pescador Beach
  4. La Piedra Beach
  5. Zuma Beach
  6. Trancas/Broad Beach
***That's it for now.  Stay tuned for a Great Waterfall Hike next...




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