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Day 991: San Diego Surf Cup 2013 - Del Mar

Alyssa far right - Sara in the middle
Day #991 * Hike #1268 * New Track #972
San Diego Surf Cup - Del Mar, CA
Saturday August 3, 2013
My Tripometer: 2.75 Hours * 1.5 Miles * +0 Feet

San Diego Surf Cup - Summer 2013
From the I-5 in Del Mar, north of San Diego, exit on Via De La Valle.  Head east, away from the ocean.  Heading west will lead you to the Del Mar Race Track and Ocean.  Just a couple miles up on the right will be the home of this year's Surf Cup.

Tough Competition from around the world!

This is an invitational event and this year Alyssa's U13 Camarillo Eagles qualified for the event.  We arrived an hour and a half before her first game so I took the opportunity touring around the 20 fields of play.  Parking was crazy, $20.00 for the weekend.  So many people!! 

Pregame Warm ups

Alyssa tracking down the ball for the steal...

A battle near the goal

Izzy launches a boot!
For her age, Izzy, Double Zero, is simply awesome.  If you check back on my blog to the Carpenteria Beach Cup, Alyssa and the Mighty Vipers beat the The Valley team Izzy was on, coached by her dad.  Back then, it was an AYSO Extra team where Alyssa eventually lead her team to the State Cup and Won!

Now, the competition is 10 Fold intense.  Izzy joined forces on the Eagles and what a special player she is.  Although she is not the fastest player, she is arguably the best female player at the U13 level in the entire country!  She is a midfielder and her control and ball handling is unmatched.  She can dribble through a 4 on 1 front and then make a perfect cross or a booming shot.

In this first game of the competition, the Eagles won 1-0.  The score happened from a perfect corner kick that Izzy served up.  Sarah, the most amazing header that I've ever seen, rose up and headed the ball into the goal.  Sarah, in my humble opinion, has what it takes to make the Olympics one day.  Astonishing 1-2 play between Izzy and Sarah!

Later in the tournament, Izzy scored several goals, including one unassisted from the corner.  At this high level, that accomplishment is very uncommon.  Sara added one or two more headers herself.  Mind you, neither of these girls are forwards.  As midfielders though, they play the entire game without being subbed out and they touch the ball more than any other.  It was a joy to watch them.

Alyssa is the youngest girl on the team, playing up at the highest level offered in this age group.  She is a part of something very special.  I will give you more updates and photos in a later blog post...

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