Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 992: Lake Poway Trail - Old Poway Village - Harry W. Frame Dam - Blue Sky Ecological Reserve

Alyssa with the Camarillo Eagles vs Canada
Day #992 * Hike #1273 * New Track #977
Veterens Park -Old Poway Village - Poway, CA
Sunday August 4, 2013
My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1 Mile +0 Feet

Old Poway Village
 I was on my way back from Sycamore Canyon and noticed the brown park sign that read, "Veterens Park".  So I decided to turn down there and it lead me to Old Poway Village.  It was still early in the morning and with very few people around, I parked the car and began to explore...

Elevation 524 Feet - 23.75 Miles to San Diego

The Pioneers

What a cute little town.  Not far from San Diego but it gives you a feeling that you are far away from the big city.  This was a great walkabout after trekking up Sycamore Canyon.  Next on the map, a spot of blue on the GPS.  Not far from here, let's see where that takes us...

Day #992 * Hike #1274 * New Track #978
Lake Poway Trail - Harry W. Frame Dam - Poway, CA
Sunday August 4, 2013
My Tripometer: 45 Minutes * 1.5 Mile +100 Feet

Lake Poway Recreation Area

I turned down the road and it lead to the park entrance.  $5.00 entrance fee' bummer.  I turned around.  There was no street parking either but beyond the railroad tracks and back down the hill, there is an employee parking lot for some business.  The sign read "Employees Only Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm", or something like that.  Anyhow, it was Sunday so I took my chances.  I walked the quarter mile up the road and found a trailhead entrance vs walking through the park gate.  Cool...

Lake Poway Trailhead

Archery Range Option - I kept straight to the Lake

West Loop Trail Option - bypassed this to head uphill to the lake...

Closing in on the dam

Lake Poway

The trail continued on but I circled back to the park

The Harry W. Frame Dam

A quick visit, then back through the park to the car...

Day #992 * Hike #1275 * New Track #979
Blue Sky Ecological Reserve - Poway, CA
Sunday August 4, 2013
My Tripometer: 30 Minutes * 1.25 Mile +75 Feet

Blue Sky Ecological Reserve
 I was driving back to the hotel, the back way I suppose and then noticed the Blue Sky on my right.  This is just a couple miles down from Lake Poway and the trails would connect.  Also looking at the GPS, there was another larger random lake back there.  I suspect this trail would take you there...

Blue Sky Amphitheater

Trailhead - Okay, on with the show...

Laurel Sumac

Heading downhill into the shade, for a moment...

Please be a thoughtful guest

I didn't go back too far.  The time was winding down and I needed to get back to the hotel to pick up my wife and Alyssa for the next game.  A win would lock the Eagles in as the bracket champs to earn a playoff spot...

Alyssa in Action

Pass it to me; I'm Open!!!

The Eagles went on to beat Canada by a score of 3-0.  This means they qualified for the Quarter Finals and would play later this afternoon.  This also means that we have a chance to explore the neighborhood for some more hikes...

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