Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Awesome!  I received a comment a couple days ago and just checked into it.  Amazing!!  Check out the link:

When I was young, my sister and I used to bury time capsules with the intent that we would go back years later and dig them up.  Unfortunately, we were too excited and usually dug them up a day or so later.  I used to draw maps to where they were buried and I wonder if I left any behind??  Anyhow, I’ve been thinking about hiding treasure along the trails and input this into my blog.  I then read a comment the other day and checked out the website.  Wow, this is so me!  My kids will love it but I think I’m going to love it more J! 

In the days ahead, I will begin searching for some local treasures to confirm that they are really there.  Once I truly understand how it works, I will begin my own geocache…

Day 114: Loma Vista off Kimball.  On one side you have Juana Maria Park.  Alyssa and I did not go there yesterday (Tuesday the 8th of March).  Instead, we hiked on the west side of Kimball to collect donations; Thank You!  We encountered a few people who were weary of us but our mood quickly changed when the next neighbor donated $20.00 and then the one after that took a large interest in what we are doing!  She told me that her school goes up to Carpinteria every year to camp out at the state park and views the seals.  She also sadly conveyed some horror stories of people abusing the seals but as activists, we are going to make a difference! 

At the end of Loma Vista a creek like area drops down between the street and a large orchard.  Alyssa and I found a small hiking trail.  Being down there was a nice escape from the street and I wish I would have brought my camera!  We found a platform in a tree made with 2 by 4’s.  I wouldn’t quite classify it as tree house, but Alyssa confirmed that it was sturdy.  The trail went further but then we heard a noise.  It was dusk, I was hungry and Alyssa said, “Let’s get out of here!”

114 days in a row!  I found a new place, nothing fancy, but hiked it nevertheless.  For the day, we hiked a total of 1.75 miles (mostly on the street) and climbed about 50 feet of elevation.  ***Stay tuned for more about the geocache and thank you “BinksMommy” for commenting on this blog to suggest this J 

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  1. Thanks for the read. Combining hiking with geocaching is a great way to stay healthy and have fun at the same time.




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