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Date: Sunday March 13, 2011
Miles: 2.25
Elevation Gain: 100 Feet
Time: 1 Hour
Difficulty: Easy, until I twisted my ankle!
Reward: A beautiful day with an ocean background
Description: Beyond the baseball fields is a huge open space of land to wander and explore
Where: Malibu, CA
Directions: The corner of PCH and Malibu Canyon Road.  If you are coming from the 101, exit on Las Virgenes and take it all the way to the ocean.  Las Virgenes becomes Malibu Canyon Rd.

If you pull straight in from the PCH you'll see a little league baseball.  When I first moved to Cali, Jess and I stopped here and watched a few innings of a random game.  She told me it was the first time she had ever seen a live baseball game of any type.  It wasn't until my son was in T-Ball that she saw her next one.

To the right of the parking lot, you will see the Trailhead in the picture above.

...After nearly an hour of wandering around the open fields, I rolled my ankle during a mild trot!  Ouch!  I hobbled back to the picture directly above (the rear entrance of the park).  I met back up with my wife and kids at the playground.  The rubbery surface was painted in blue with a dolphin theme.  It was an exact replica of what I had envisioned for the Seal Playground that I hope to help design, build and donate to the Seal Sanctuary.  Let's be clear; a loud noisy playground would disturb the sanctuary but my plan was to build it near the trailhead off Bailard, which is about a half mile from the Seal viewpoint.  
***Day 120: Monday- Ventura College 1.5 Miles  +50 Feet
Ayden and I walked around the grassy green campus.  They redid the track several years ago and the public is no longer allowed on it.  My first ever three mile run was on the old dirt surface and I remember running the last quarter mile in a minute and 12 seconds.  I don't think I could run one lap that fast right now!

Today was about hanging out with Ayden and talking about nothing and everything at the same time.  I couldn't tell you what we discussed, but I assure you it was important lol :)...  We posted some seal flyers on the community board and then walked across the street for an ice cream treat.  I may have just encouraged my son to do good in school so he can attend a real University.  He thought that it was so cool that the college was a school (like his) and it was soooo big!  Hey, go Buckeyes!  The NCAA Tournament begins tomorrow and Ohio State is going to take it!

***Day 121: Tuesday- Ventura Harbor 1.75 Miles  +25 Feet
Another day with my son!!  We hiked around the harbor, up and down the docks, around the boats, along the promenade and to the carousel.  There is an old 1960's style arcade in the harbor with an indoor carousel.  The sad thing is, this place isn't trying to be throwback, it just hasn't been renovated and honestly, it's not that exciting.  However, it made my son happy so if you have kids, it's a must to stop by.  Unfortunately, I purposely didn't bring my wallet because I like the idea of the "free" activity.  Good quality time with my son consists of talking and walking.  As it is, it's extremely difficult to pull him away from the Playstation unless I bribe.  Today, no donations, just a walk and talk...
**Day 122---I have pictures and will update next!  Still doing it!  A new place each day!! 

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