Friday, March 11, 2011

DAYS 115 & 116

DAY 115 Wednesday March 9, 2011  ANACAPA MIDDLE SCHOOL
2.5 Miles  +50 Feet

First of all, I am disappointed in myself for not stretching out on a long trail.  It's becoming more and more difficult to reach the promise land.  My wife has increased duties and requires my assistance.  Thus, I met her up at Anacapa where Alyssa had soccer practice and helped out with the kids that she was watching.

I'm not complaining about this because I had a great time with all the younglings.  We were doing pull-ups on the pull-up bars, running in circles and playing tackle and take down Jeremy.  I am sorer from this event than I am climbing 2000 feet. 

Anacapa was another new place for me along my 1000 hike adventure.  The field is massive but to continue my streak, I had to go beyond.  When Alyssa was done with soccer, we ventured off into the streets for donations.  Along the way, we stopped by a house where a lady volunteers with Sealwatch.  She had no clue about what we were doing and thought it was amazing and supported our efforts.  Word is starting to spread around but we need help from EVERYONE!  June 1st is creeping up soon and I am determined to keep the beach closed to protect these seals.  If you are new to my blog and are saying, what is he talking about, please visit

DAY 116 Thursday March 10, 2011  The Streets around Kimball
2.5 Miles  +400 Feet

I printed a map of Ventura and I'm highlighting it to make sure I do not hit the same street twice.  After playing at Kimball Park with the family while Alyssa had Viper Soccer Practice, Ayden and I set out to collect donations.  We ventured up and above foothill to work out the legs for an elevation gain.  I guess we set out too early because barely anyone was home.  We came up empty in our pockets with 0.00 in donations.  A couple people said that they would check out the website and possibly mail something in but as it stands now, I am more out of pocket on this than I am raising money.  I had to file fees with the city and I have to pay the newspaper for the public notice.  I've always been skeptical regarding non-profit ventures because a sizable percentage of the money goes to administration.  **To assure you, I have next to zero admin costs.  I am printing white paper flyers for very cheap and no one is getting paid.  If you check closely, your largest non-profit companies have a payroll.  It would be common that the person on top makes six figures.  My intent is quite clear, save the seals!  Moreover, Alyssa is very eager to be the boss and loves to work with animals.  If I can make this program successful and after she retires from soccer, she will run this organization.  I have enough on my mind for at least two decades to improve the park system.  Maybe I’ll have to spend more money to bring in more money?  This is trial and error but “there is no wrong way to do a good thing”, a quote from a guy at Sealwatch.  I believe in that; I believe in this J

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