Tuesday, June 21, 2011

218 Days Complete & Soccer Updates

**MY 218 DAY SUMMARY:  735.75 Miles  +96,700 Feet**

Day 217: Sunday June 19, 2011
Nancy Bush Park, Camarillo: 1.5 Miles +25 Feet

After the long hike yesterday, the bottom of my right foot is still very tender.  It's been this way for a week and it's not getting any better.  I hiked/ran 30 miles and over +5000 feet elevation this week.  With my 1st campout of the season coming up next week, I figured that I should start taking it easy.  So, Ayden and I raced around the track at this park.  The entire oval is less than a quarter mile.  I gave him the front stretch head start and in the final 50 yards he felt me breathing down upon him and we both collapsed.  I trotted around the dusty track about 10 more times before we had to get back to the soccer games...

Ventura Vipers

The Round Robin event in Camarillo went down to the final game.  Our record going into the contest was 2 wins with 1 tie.  We tied Saugus and beat Camarillo and while we played our game against the tough Canyon Country Green Strikers, Saugus and Camarillo faced off.  We had to win because Camarillo ended up beating Saugus and they would have had more points than us if we lost.

In the first half, Alyssa scored a goal but Canyon Country quickly tied it up.  The score was knotted at 1-1 for the entire second half.  With about two minutes to go in the contest, my adrenaline was pumping hard.  While video taping, I was cheering on like a Cleveland Browns Dawg Pound fan!  ~Alyssa kicks it; the ball shoots out like a pin ball off the defender.  Viper teammate Olivia has a wide open shot, shoots, and BOOM, off the post.  The ball rattles to an open Green Striker and she dribbles it down the side.  Wide open, our defenders could not cut her off.  The Green Striker shoots, and our fourth quarter goalie Halle, who slept over the night before, caught the ball.  Immediately, parents screamed, "kick it away", and she did.  It was a great kick landing on the other side of the midline.  Alyssa was first to react and started dribbling down the side.   Strong pressure was applied by the Striker defense so she attempts the cross but it goes to the opposite side's defender.  I scream, "You want this, you want this, you want this!"  Alyssa charges across the field before the defender could send the ball.  Alyssa slightly deflects the ball and it hits off Viper forward Sophia.  Alyssa is first to the rebound, the goalie came out to stop the ball but Alyssa kicked it first.  A skillful slow roller was angled perfectly and, GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

Alyssa did it; her 2nd goal of the contest and the Vipers hold on in the final minute of play to win the tournament!  This was their last tournament of the season.  In six attempts, they Won 4, placed 3rd once and finished 4th once.  What a season!!!

--But, now the real fun begins.  This team will stay together and begin playing 9 on 9 instead of 7 on 7 in the Extra U-11 division this fall.  All games will be played in and around Woodland Hills.  This will be a tough upcoming season and Alyssa's development should begin to draw some serious attention.  JR Olympics, here we come!

Day 218: Monday June 20, 2011
Hobert Park, Ventura: 1.25 Miles +25 Feet

Today was for my 12-year old Dalmatian.  In the early mornings, she is so stiff that she is unable to stand up (unless I have food to urge her).  Her back legs are gone and usually I carry her down the cement stairs off the terrace in our back yard.  If she doesn't pee on me while I'm holding her, she will limp to the grass.  She is very shaky and this is very sad for me.  Usually as the day goes on she becomes slightly more agile but her condition is worsening exponentially.  She can still eat, poop, and bark annoyingly so I know she has life and purpose.  Today I took her to this flat grassy park while Ayden tackled the skateboard bowl on his small bike.

Domino, I’ve been with your since you were 7-weeks-old.  You used to be very shy, scared, timid and loving but now you are aggressive, loud, daring and confident.  You’ve always had a skittish nature but I do know you always look forward to my presence and I apologize that I have not been there more for you.  I’m not perfect, but I see you now wagging your tail, looking at me through the kitchen window while I do dishes.  You are just waiting for me to reunite with you, mostly because you know I’m going to give you food.  Although I no longer sleep by your side each night, I do know if I tilt my head towards yours you will kiss me with the strongest of passions; one reason why I don’t allow it but my heart is there for you girl. 

You’ve been a frustrating dog but you and I have been through soooo much.  We lived together in a house, RV, homeless in my car and on a beach.  You were there rooming with other people while I was trying to find my way and here you are, for the final years of your life, I am there for you still.  We used to take on 30 mile hikes with crazy elevation gains which completely rubbed off the pads of your feet.  I once had to leave you on a mountain and then come back with an off road baby stroller to rescue you.  Hey, keep your heart beating, I’ll be home for dinner and I love you… 

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